PERQ Boosts Customer Engagement for The Great American Home Store

Success Snapshot

3,740.41% ROI IN 150 DAYS




The “Great American” Story

The Great American Home Store tried “doing a little bit of everything” to market their stores, including TV and radio ads, email promotions, display advertising and basic contact forms on their website, says GAHS Web Content Manager Justin Bowen. But he says they found it just wasn’t enough and they needed to do more to engage with their customers online and increase in-store conversions.


At the end of March, GAHS integrated the PERQ website conversion software on their website for the first time. “We really did start to see incredible growth in a short amount of time,” Bowen says. “It was very simple for us to implement. It just took a few phone calls and emails and everything was running.”


The Great American Home Store is a locally owned and operated full-line home furnishings company with two main stores in the Mid-South. Established in 2004 in South Haven, Miss., GAHS opened its second store three years later in Memphis, Tenn. The company also operates The Great American Sleep Shop in two locations in Tennessee and Mississippi, as well as a Great American Furniture & Mattress Outlet in Memphis.


With the two main locations featuring roughly 60,000 square feet in each showroom and nearly 80,000 square feet in each warehouse, The Great American Home Store offers one-stop home-furnishing shopping. “We offer hometown-level service with big-box selection and availability,” Bowen says.

Integrating PERQ,


Bowen says the technical implementation of PERQ’s software solution was a piece of cake since the PERQ team worked directly with GAHS’ website provider. “All I had to do was decide what I wanted where and how I wanted it displayed,” he says.


Since partnering with PERQ, GAHS not only has increased the amount of customer data collected through interactions of engagement on its website, the furniture retailer also increased the amount of customer registrations.


GAHS found that customers who engaged online through the PERQ web engagement experience were also more likely to convert in store, and they spent $200 to $400 more on average. “Our average for customers who sent us inquiries and then bought in-store was $1,819.70 before. The first month we used PERQ web engagement, we saw that those customers who went through the experience had an average ticket of $2,289.41, and in the second month it was $2,088.21.”


GAHS gained access to more customer data with PERQ’s solution, and the company used that data to better engage one-on-one with more customers. The valuable customer information collected by the platform included the customer’s type of home, the customer’s idea of a dream design style, the particular project for which they are shopping, where they are in the buying process, and their budget requirements.


“It’s definitely driving the number of conversions and the quality of conversions,” Bowen says. “Customers are engaging more with us.”

Results with PERQ’s Software

“We blew that right out of the water!” Bowen says, following the implementation of PERQ web engagement. “In the first 30 days, we had 18.4 times ROI, or 1,849.48%. In the first 60 days, we doubled what we needed to about 30.7 times ROI, or 3,073.82%. For the investment in what we’re getting, it’s just a really great return,” he says. After 150 days of using PERQ’s Web Engagement tool, saw a 3,740.41% return, with 477 sales.


“To be honest, I was pretty skeptical in the beginning that this would actually work,” Bowen says of using PERQ’s web engagement platform. “They said you’ll start seeing these huge conversion rates. I just didn’t really believe that.


“We were just blown away,” he says. “We’re actually seeing this happen. Not only is it far exceeding our expectations, but it’s also exceeding our highest goals. We’ve seen the value in it really quickly.”


Bowen says he would recommend PERQ to other furniture retailers who are serious about their digital presence, already have a good website, are looking for ways to increase customer engagement, and generate more customer leads and data.


“PERQ won’t fix a bad website, but it will definitely enhance one that is already doing well on its own,” Bowen says. “It should have a measurable impact on ROI, in addition to the rich insight it provides into a store’s online shoppers.”

“To be honest, I was pretty skeptical in the beginning that this would actually work. We were just blown away. Not only is it far exceeding our expectations, it’s also exceeding our highest goals.”

Justin Bowen, Web Content Manager

Justin Bowen