How to Leverage Direct Mail to Increase Your Paper’s Revenue

3 min read
Kelly Olsen Contributor

Listen up, newspapers, I’ve got a scoop for you.

If you are solely relying on subscriptions and local ads to generate revenue, you’re failing to capitalize on some of your most valuable resources. That can cost your paper big time.

Now, I understand that your most important job is to serve your community and provide fair, unbiased coverage for your subscribers. That becomes exponentially harder when the budget is tight. By expanding your print offerings, you can increase your revenue and provide your team with the valuable resources they need in order to keep your paper among the most valuable resources in your community.

So what do I mean by “Expanding your print offerings?” By providing direct mail services to potential advertisers here at PERQ, we’ve seen many newspapers increase their revenue. If you don’t have much experience doing direct mail (or need a refresher course), here are the steps to take today to create a viable direct mail campaign for your advertisers.

First: Build Prospect List

The first major step towards creating your direct mail campaign is to build prospect lists. It’s important to have a large list of possible clients to include in your direct mail campaigns. To start, take notice of whose direct mail pieces are landing in your mailboxes. Have members of your team be on the lookout for which companies and industries are using direct mail. Those already familiar with direct mail will be easier to get on board. Look back through lists of old clients and find out what they’re doing now. Don’t be afraid to offer several companies a slot in one piece of mail. This can be advantageous for you and for them as you offer advertising for a lower cost. Smaller businesses might be particularly interested if they’ll get a slot on the same piece of mail as a larger, more noticeable business.

Second: Take Advantage of the PERQ Direct Mail Seminar

Why go into the direct mail campaign alone when you have resources right at your fingertips? Over here at PERQ, we offer a great seminar that shows you the ins and outs of becoming a master of your newspaper’s direct mail campaign. The PERQ seminar walks you through what you can expect from the experience. We can give you an upper hand on developing pieces that stick out and grab the attention of your newspapers’ subscribers. We give you tips on pricing, sizing, and ways to captivate those on your prospect list. For more information, send a message to sales@perq.com.

Third: Time to Plan

If you attend our seminar or another educational session, you’ll get the know-how you really need to start planning your own campaign. When you kick off the campaign planning process, prepare to dive into the trenches in order to learn about your prospective clients. Learn when they typically send out mail: is it constant or seasonal? Sometimes restaurants will use direct mail to raise awareness when they launch a new menu item or deal. The same goes with most current deals for businesses. Of course, some are constantly keeping awareness high. Find these clients and learn their direct mail habits. When you reach out to them, you want to be able to offer them something meaningful, something that they would find useful for their business. Having a wide range of options increases the possibility that prospective clients will join in on your newspaper’s direct mail advertising.

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