Optimize your Property Management Marketing budget with an all-in-one AI Leasing Assistant solution

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Product made for you with operational efficiency top of mind

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Automate to Save Time

Save leasing teams up to 12 hours per week by automating routine follow-up and answering FAQ’s on the website and over text message. 

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Clean Roll-Up Reporting

Access easy-to-read performance reports and dashboards anytime for one property or your entire portfolio with PERQ. 

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Vendor Cost Savings

PERQ’s all-in-one solution and integrations improve the entire prospect experience, without making more work for your team to manage. It’s a win-win.  

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Better Operational Results

PERQ doubles the amount of leads collected on your website and saves your team time. Now that’s operational efficiency. 

Operations, Executives and PERQ: a Match Made to A Win

The reviews are in. Operations and Executives backed by PERQ see higher operational efficiency and profitability on property websites.

We love PERQ because you help convert people…when there’s a chat on the AI Bot, all that information goes into our CRM as a guest card. That gives us context of what was asked before we reengage with that prospect again.

Jamin Harkness

EVP, The Management Group

Artificial Intelligence gives residents or potential residents the ability to communicate in a way they enjoy or prefer, 24/7, year round. It allows us to provide that level over service.

Ivan Barratt

Founder and Chief Executive, Barratt Asset Management

Before, we didn’t know what information to feed [prospects] through email. With the intelligence we’re now gathering on the website it’s a game changer.

Heidi Jehlicka

Senior Vice President of Marketing and Employee Development

Glick Increased onsite efficiency and lead conversion with PERQ’s Unified AI Platform

“The data we receive from the website allows us to make better decisions. Collecting what amenities are important and how far in advance prospects are looking before they move are some examples of what we can focus on,” says Jenny Richard, Director of Marketing at Gene B. Glick.

PERQ’s solutions help optimize your technology budget with an AI Platform instead of trying to align a lot of different one-off solutions. Keeping everything on one platform lets the entire multifamily team work more efficiently while generating more quality leads and increasing lead conversion.

Favorite Features:

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Website Assistant

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Prospect Data

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Want to know what renters really want?

We have the answer by analyzing more than 6 million consumer responses from our technology on multifamily property websites. Take a look inside to learn more!

Multifamily Field Guide Volume 2

Questions frequently Asked by operations teams

How will an AI Leasing Assistant help improve my operational efficiency?

AI Leasing Assistants help ensure that your leasing team only receives the best leads. Leasing teams are busy – welcoming prospects, preparing for tours, dealing with resident requests, packages, and so much more. The last thing they want is to spend time following up on a prospect that is months out from being ready to lease an open unit. AI Leasing Assistants take unresponsive and not yet qualified leads off your team’s plate so they can focus on everything else.

What makes PERQ different from other providers?

PERQ’s AI Leasing Assistant is the only multifamily technology solution for short and long term nurturing of pipeline management. Our AI has learned from millions of real-life consumer data points and is continually getting smarter as it learns from new prospect interactions. We prioritize product development that improves the consumer experience and firmly believe in doing what we say we do vs. delivering empty promises. When you succeed, we succeed. Nothing less than that is acceptable.

What is the ideal property for PERQ?

The short answer, all of them! PERQ is a multifamily technology solution designed to work with your entire portfolio. Don’t take our word for it though, actually see the data for yourself. Our expert team of client success managers will help you choose the best properties to start with PERQ.

How can PERQ help onsite teams that are short-staffed?

For leasing offices that are down to a skeleton crew, PERQ Bot can take the brunt of follow-up off your team’s plate and manage prospects all the way until they’re ready to tour. If you’re training a new teammate, have unexpected vacancies, or are just ready to see more leads again, we can turn the volume back up at any time.

What does onboarding and implementation look like?

Some multifamily industry tools out in the market take many months to get up and running. Others are completely turn-key, but offer limited customizations. At PERQ, we offer you something in the middle. For customers that want to get going right away? Our turn-key AI solution gets you up and moving fast – without sacrificing your brand or performance. Want to take a more customized approach? Our team is equipped to help with custom messaging and configuration options.

How will I know if it’s working?

The PERQ data portal gives you 24/7 access to see performance data — anytime, anywhere. Quickly narrow in on one specific property or view a roll-up of your performance across your entire portfolio. Optional email reports sent monthly or weekly will keep you in the loop on exactly what’s happening at each property and we do Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) to regularly touch base.

Don’t see your question answered? Not sure if this is right for you? Let’s chat it out and see if PERQ’s AI Leasing Assistant is a good fit.

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