How Easy is it to Implement the PERQ Marketing Cloud?

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When preparing to launch PERQ’s Marketing Cloud, Multifamily Client Success Manager Brennan Ude says his clients tend to be most surprised by how little they must do on their end to get started with the AI-powered software.


“They’re often shocked by how little they have to provide to us to build this all-encompassing product,” Ude says. “There’s not a lot of customization on the client’s side, but our clients tend to be very receptive of certain ideas we may want to try. That, coupled with the fact it’s just so easy and quick to gather all of the information we need, amazes them when they see the finished product. They see how much of it’s reactive to their website, how it’s smart and reacts based on a shopper’s behavior.”


PERQ Client Success Manager Jay Kinney works with home furnishing retailers to implement and successfully maintain the Marketing Cloud Technology. He says the biggest hesitations or concerns his clients express involve implementation on the website. “It’s actually pretty simple,” Kinney says. “All we have to do is add a line of code on the website, and then we’re able to go live. Sometimes, they think it might be more involved than it really is, but all we really have to do is place that simple line of code.”


Prior to that final phase of implementation, it only takes a one-hour call with PERQ’s team so they can gather the small amount of behind-the-scenes information required  to customize the AI-driven cloud technology to meet a client’s specific goals. Within 30 days of receiving the client’s approval, the solution goes live without any technical work on the client side and immediately starts collecting lead data.


Mary Herrold, Senior Director of Marketing at Redwood Residential, started working with PERQ a year ago to add the software to all of Redwood’s more than 30 multifamily properties. She actually teaches a marketing class on implementation and says PERQ easily gets an A. “They’ve been exceptional at implementation, a true collaborative partner,” Herrold says. “Responsive, quick and accurate. That pretty much says it.”


Here’s a quick look at what it takes to put PERQ’s Marketing Cloud software into action, and how clients know it’s working to generate, manage and convert leads to a sale.

“PERQ has made it truly very simple to implement attractive lead generation opportunities on any website.” - Jeff Giagnocavo, Co-owner of Gardner’s Mattress & More

Onboarding Process Made Easy for PERQ Clients


During the initial stage of onboarding, PERQ’s team works closely with clients to establish initial website benchmarks. They collect marketing intelligence details, and access a client’s Google Analytics so it links up with PERQ’s technology to help clients identify and connect previously anonymous leads to sales.


“Really, it’s incredibly simple and we essentially take care of most of it for clients,” Ude says of preparing for implementation. “It requires maybe a little bit from their marketing specialist and some information at the property level. I’d say 90% of the information is already found on the website and we ensure we have the most accurate information available.”


Beyond gathering the basic website content after an initial welcome call with PERQ’s team, Ude estimates it takes the right person or two working at the apartment, typically a property manager, less than five minutes to fill out the information PERQ requires before going live. That information includes the email address that will receive the online lead profiles captured through the interactive technology.


“The things that can’t be gleaned from the website can be answered within the body of an email with only seven or eight lines,” Ude says. “We go over any specifications or customizations the client wants, such as certain specials or incentives they want to specifically include.”


Once all the information is on-boarded, then it’s just a matter of PERQ turning on the technology overlaid on the existing website. “Nobody on the client’s staff has to be technologically savvy whatsoever,” Ude says. “We do all of the quality assurance checks. It’s my job to ensure the client knows when we’re going live, but once the information is gathered, the client really doesn’t need to do anything on their end as far as turning on the solution.”


The day it goes live, a designated client success manager like Ude or Kinney reaches out to their client to remind everyone the product is now in play, collecting qualified leads and guiding shoppers toward an educated purchase of a vehicle, home furnishings, or an apartment lease.

“It was super easy to implement PERQ. We really didn’t have to do anything!” - Ashley J. Graham, Property Manager, Buckingham Companies

PERQ Clients Receive Data Reviews at 30, 60 and 90+ Days


“The crux of our job is to send clients more leads from the website,” Ude says. “We check in to make sure you’re getting them, that they look good and are in a format that’s digestible for the client, as well as actionable.”


Shortly after implementation, the client success manager hosts a couple of training calls with the client to review best practices on following up with leads and go over the now-live solution on their site to point out features the client may not yet know about the product. “We outline items talked about during the initial welcome call and reiterate that our team is always there to help them out,” Ude says.


PERQ meets with new clients after 30 days to go over the initial data and explain the analytics reporting, followed by a 60-day and 90-day Quality Benchmark Review, or QBR. During the QBR calls, clients see at a glance the overall number of leads they’ve collected through PERQ, how many of those leads converted to a sale, and at what cost to show the return on their investment in PERQ.


“We always reach out to the client throughout the implementation process to see if there’s anyway we can help and answer any questions they may have as they get going,” Kinney says.


During the initial few reviews and then quarterly reviews, clients receive a visual representation of the profile data insights that shows what percentage of leads picked certain answers while interacting with PERQ’s online assessment and web conversion tools. For example, multifamily clients learn the number of renters who prefer a two-bedroom apartment versus a three-bedroom or how far out most of their online visitors are from actually renting.


Client Success Managers also take time to educate clients on types of leads they’re receiving and talk through various sales scenarios on how to best handle each lead based on which phase of the consumer journey they’re in. “We want to provide them with the resources they need to manage those leads and turn it into a sale,” Kinney says.

“PERQ has been exceptional at implementation and provide excellent customer service, a true collaborative partner. Responsive, quick and accurate” - Mary Herrold, Senior Director of Marketing, Redwood Residential
PERQ Marketing Cloud Onboarding

PERQ Clients See Success


Once clients see the results from PERQ’s software, Ude says they are a true believer. “Our client success managers are by your side, from the day the contract is signed, through the training and beyond. We don’t disappear. We are available every day, every week, to ensure the technology is working to the best of its capability and that they’re using it correctly.”


Ude points out that with such high turnover in property management offices, which is also true for entry-level furniture or car sales positions, it’s imperative clients can count on PERQ to help train new hires and constantly bring innovative ideas to the table.


“It’s that personal, human relationship you get that really makes a difference,” Ude says. “My most successful clients are the ones who buy into the process, understand who we are from the beginning, and are receptive and reactive to our suggestions. Those clients who want to bounce ideas off of us, listen and even disagree at times, and those who are open to candid conversations are the ones who see the most success.”

“(PERQ) is a great fit for our group since it’s easy to implement and works with a variety of website platforms. Our retailers can offer interactive experiences to shoppers at almost the push of a button.” - Andrew Kauffman, CEO of Furniture First