Determining Your Brand’s Interactive Content Needs

By: Felicia Savage

With interactive content quickly becoming a major component of one’s marketing strategy, you might find yourself a little intimidated by the number of content options available to you. Your brand can create a survey, a quiz, an online evaluator, a game, or even host a contest. Anything your heart desires, really! It isn’t terribly difficult to come up with a cool concept. What IS difficult, however, is coming up with a cool concept for specific, in-market consumers. What works for one demographic isn’t necessarily going to work out for another set of consumers.

So, how do you go about determining what types of interactive content will work for YOUR consumers? Here are few tips to help get some ideas flowing:

What Problems Are You Trying to Solve?

Before you do anything, take a high-level look at your brand. What services does your company provide? What do they sell? Even if you know the brand like the back of your hand, go ahead and write it down. It helps to visualize your brand. Once you’ve done that, think about the various problems that your brand tries to solve on a daily basis. Are there any problems that, perhaps, your brand hasn’t solved yet? Chances are pretty good that there are a variety of issues that your brand hasn’t solved yet… and that’s okay! You just haven’t gotten to them yet!


Figure out what some of your consumer’s “pain points” are and work from there. Does the grocery store you own not have enough organic produce? Do your shoppers even care about organic produce? One solution might be to send out a survey to your e-mail list to see if this is the case. Alternatively, if you want to inform consumers about how wonderful your other products are, you could build a meal customization app that uses your current inventory.

Who Is Your Consumer Base?


Once you’ve discovered a problem that you’d like to solve (or a solution you’d like to present), you then need to figure out who your consumer base actually is. Because interactive content works best catering to specific audiences, it really isn’t enough to say “we’re targeting families.” Depending on age, lifestyle and income, some consumers might not be interested in certain content. Given their affinity for making things uniquely their own, millennials might very well be interested in a meal customization app. On the other hand, older generations might seek a more simplistic solution like a survey that allows them to tell the brand exactly what they want.

What Resources Are Available to You?


When determining your brand’s interactive content needs, the last, and arguably most important, thing you’ll want to do is take a look at your technical resources. Who do you have in your contacts list or on your staff that can code and design your interactive content? Depending on who you know and how much you’re willing to spend, you might come away with a highly advanced and complex piece of content or something extremely simple. Now, highly advanced, lengthy interactive content isn’t always better than simplistic stuff — but it will provide for a more specific set of options that suite your brand’s specific needs.


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