Promotion Auto Mailers & Beyond: Generating Greater Response

By: Felicia Savage

Getting consumers to respond to promotion auto mailers and events can be challenging. With the ever-increasing number of brands vying for consumer attention, competition is fiercer than ever. It’s up to you to break through the noise and nab your consumer’s attention. Luckily, there are a number of different things you can add to your current marketing promotions to help increase engagement and capture valuable, actionable leads.

Dimensional Pieces for Direct Mail

As you know, our direct mail pieces are high quality and attention grabbing. Everything from the color scheme to the choice of fonts is chosen with the utmost care to ensure buyers are responding. Depending on the chosen theme, however, certain types of dimensional pieces can be added to your mail to further boost promotional response.


For those who aren’t familiar, dimensional pieces are small, physical objects (often referred to as widgets) that are attached to direct mail pieces in order to stand out amongst other pieces trying to catch your attention. You, yourself, might have received a mail piece with an authentic looking car key attached that invites you to visit a showroom.


Additionally, there are also dimensional pieces that actually engage with consumers like scratch-offs, pull-tabs and combination boxes. These pieces require simple interactions in order for the consumer to learn if they’ve won a prize or not.


Creative Packages

Another way to generate greater promotion responses is to take advantage of our creative packages – which are essentially design packages developed to span across all of your advertising channels. The same cohesive logos and designs that made their way to your direct mail and targeted display ads would also go on your banner ads, your e-mail marketing, and whatever other advertising you wish. Essentially, if your messaging is cohesive and spans across many channels, it’ll remain top-of-mind and therefore, consumers will be more likely to respond. To track these particular channels, a GURL (or a general URL) is appended to each creative.



As you’ve learned over the past few weeks, PERQ’s texting (or text-to-enter add-on) allows consumers to text a code to a specific number; which then leads them to a microsite that they can access on their smartphones. Considering the number of people who have texting capabilities on their phones and how many people actually go online on their smartphones, it’s a great option for dealerships wanting to provide easy access to their registration page, while also engaging new consumers that they may not already reach.


Another thing worth noting is that many consumer keep their smartphones on them (practically) at all times. The sheer ease-of-access doesn’t require the consumer to do a whole lot and they get immediate gratification. What’s not to like about it? Simply place the texting code on any one of your advertising channels and potential buyers will (hopefully) take notice. Plus, with texting’s ability to increase your microsite leads by 46%, you’ll love it just as much as your consumers!

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The Benefits of Running a Multi-Channel Promotion