PERQ Launches Multifamily’s First Standalone Marketing Automation for Personalized Renter Journeys


It’s time for multifamily to catch up to evolving consumer expectations.

For years, other industries have invested in marketing automations and personalization to deliver compelling “made-for-me” buying experiences. By and large, that investment was rewarded with sharp increases in conversions, consumer spend and retention.

Consumers, in turn, have grown used to the “Amazon” experience, characterized by speed, ease, and hyper-personalization, expecting those components in every digital transaction, whether that’s buying furniture, streaming music, ordering food, or…researching rental properties.

The trouble is that multifamily has lagged behind, making it difficult for renters to get the answers they need without having to take extra steps like calling a leasing office during office hours, or dropping by for an on-site visit — often having to re-explain their interests, preferences or quandaries with every interaction.

That’s changing, and it’s a massive opportunity for PMCs and multifamily marketers to stand out and outperform competitors.

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Modernizing the Renter’s Journey

Life After Inbound Marketing | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

What that in mind, PERQ has launched a platform that’s custom-built for multifamily, but with all the personalization and automation capabilities that have enabled other industries to provide that “magical” Amazon or Netflix experience.

As such, PERQ is multifamily’s first and only standalone marketing automation platform designed to personalize every step of the renter’s journey. To that end, PERQ has expanded its functionality across various inbound marketing channels, so marketers can personalize individual renter experiences at scale.

PERQ is a standalone platform in the sense that it has all components multifamily marketers need to deploy personalized experiences on demand and at scale, working leads outside of your CRM so onsite teams have a clean CRM that’s not gummed up with leads that aren’t yet ready for agent contact. At the same time, PERQ also “plays well” with others, integrating with a variety of other proptech platforms and ILSs.

New and unmatched capabilities to supercharge multifamily conversions

A few highlights of the PERQ marketing automation platform:

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) conversational AI allows visitors to have “natural” (read: non-robotic) conversations with AI leasing assistants on various inbound channels such as the property website, SMS, email, and more.
  • Conversational AI support for Google, enabling mobile visitors to get instant answers when visiting a community’s Google Business Profile and Google Maps.
  • Call-to-text technology converts inbound leasing calls to text chats, easing the workload of onsite teams and helping PMCs avoid costly call centers.
  • Website Conversion Maximizer tailors interactive online experiences to each visitor, capturing prospect data so it can enhance personalizations with every new interaction.
  • Nurture Science for Multifamily continues to personalize nurture communications to keep prospects engaged long after their first visit, through every stage of the renter’s journey.
  • One intelligent platform with centralized data means prospects are recognized across devices, creating connected and coherent experiences across channels.
  • Rich prospect data is automatically captured and made available in your connected CRM when the prospect is agent-ready.
  • Accurate lead attribution and real-time trends so you can see how each lead source is performing, hidden opportunities or tripping points.

“Multifamily has long been an inbound lead business that wasn’t equipped with the tools to maximize their success with inbound marketing,” said Scott Hill, CEO of PERQ. “The new PERQ AI marketing automation platform is multifamily’s first standalone platform that automates and personalizes prospect engagement at scale across all inbound channels,” he added.

Early adopters report substantial gains

Multifamily marketers using the PERQ marketing automation platform report sharp increases in website engagements, conversions to tour and lease, and cost savings.

“The PERQ AI marketing automation platform has helped Mission Rock evolve our inbound marketing strategy. As a result, we get more leads and leases from our website and more automated engagement with prospects,” explained Meagan Struve, Marketing Analyst at Mission Rock Residential. “We’ve reduced the work of our onsite team since PERQ takes on all the early nurture, and keeps our onsite teams focused on closing leases and providing excellent customer service,” she shared.

What could PERQ do for your multifamily business?

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