Customer Engagement Fuels Better ROI for Florida Auto Dealership

By: Kristy Esch

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90-Day Results with PERQ



PERQ Software Converts Website Visitors


Many auto dealerships today pay big bucks for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) to entice online consumers to visit their websites. Once there, however, many auto websites fail to engage customers or provide the information they’re seeking.


“We utilize SEO and SEM so much right now to drive consumers to our website,” says CJ Tychonski, Internet BDC Manager for Fuccillo Kia of Port Charlotte, Florida. “The problem with that is we don’t create our website to be efficient enough to convert that customer into an opportunity.”


A year ago, Fuccillo Kia implemented the PERQ Software Solution on its site with a specific focus on the trade-in tool, which increased engagement to leads by about 17 percent. Building on the trade-in tool success, Fuccillo Kia later upgraded to Deal Arrangement and then to the full PERQ web engagement package, including interactive quizzes, payment calculator and test drive scheduler, at the end of March.


“We wanted to drive customers to the website, engage with them, and convert,” Tychonski says. “I thought we needed to add a little bit more engagement. We’re not just dealing with customers looking for a trade.”


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Engagement Increases with PERQ Software


Using the interactive auto software to guide consumers down the buying funnel, Fuccillo Kia gains valuable information about its online visitors. Instead of using a static contact form that might provide a name and vehicle of interest, the software asks detailed questions about household size, how the vehicle will be used, trade-in value information, financing options, and how soon the consumer wants to buy.


“For us, it’s a win-win. It’s giving us a better quality lead, it’s keeping our customers on our website for a longer time, and it’s keeping them from touching multiple other sites like third-party vendors or competitors,” Tychonski says.


The software makes Fuccillo Kia’s website “sticky,” Tychonski says, by engaging customers to share more about their auto-buying search, such as when they want to buy (81% were in the market to buy within a month), whether they needed financing (34% were seeking good financing), and whether they wanted to trade in a vehicle (97% want to trade vs. sell).


“The website needs to engage the customer the same way you would engage them if they walked into the dealership,” Tychonski says. “Adding those tools from PERQ gave us better engagement with consumers. When you have better engagement, you turn more of those customers into an opportunity.”


The Results Prove ROI


In less than 3 months, Fuccillo Kia saw a 51% Lead to Showroom Visit rate and a Lead to Sale conversion rate of 17.3%. The software generated 777 unique leads during that quarter and the dealership converted those “opportunities” into 72 total vehicles sold.


Tychonski says the PERQ software definitely increased website leads for Fuccillo Kia and allows the auto dealer to treat its website like a new showroom.


“As we spend countless thousands of dollars on SEO and SEM to drive customers to our website, we need to do a better job of keeping them there and actually converting them into a lead,” he says. “I couldn’t ask for a better spend, a better return on my investment.”


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“Adding those tools from PERQ gave us better engagement with consumers. When you have better engagement, you turn more of those customers into an opportunity.”

CJ Tychonski, Internet BDC Manager