How Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enhance the Lead Nurturing Process?

We asked several industry professionals about using artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the lead nurturing process. Here’s what they had to say!

Collect Detailed Consumer Data

Jordan Barrick, vice president of Quality Furniture in Texas: “Getting the data of the customer is the most successful part. Shoppers who engage with his website’s interactive experiences, such as taking a design-style quiz or checking special offers, give the retailer valuable lead information beyond an email address or phone number.

“We know what stage of life they’re in, their income bracket, what they’re shopping for,” Barrick says. “And, we’re getting that without ever talking to the customer, so my sales team can hit the ground running.”

Online Interactions Should Feel Authentic

Elaine Kephart, a trainer and expert sales consultant for the auto industry: “Completely built out, AI is everything that you want it to be if you had the ideal salesperson on the other end responding to your internet requests, your chat box or your text leads,” says. She stresses that while helpful, interactions facilitated through technology must come across as authentic and personal.

Kephart advocates sending personalized video messages to leads as a way to stand out and create a personal connection. “AI can help with that initial point of contact, but it’s important to create enough value when responding to [leads] or re-engaging them.”

Offer an Engaging Website to Build Consumer Trust First

“Start the conversation online, and utilize your website as your best, first salesperson and relationship-builder,” says Kelly Olsen, a senior account executive at PERQ. “Offer engaging experiences and thoughtful educational points, those are the types of things consumers ultimately want and have come to expect when shopping online.”

Nurture Throughout the Customer Journey

Jason Pires, CEO of Furniture Branding, a California marketing agency that recently started offering marketing automation services: “We’re able to deliver a more personalized experience that’s customizable to each customer’s journey. We nurture them during this process. It gives us the intelligence to know what they need and when it’s the right time to sell to them.”