Generate Multifamily leads by Extending your reach beyond the property website

Connect with prospects 24/7 with interactive lead capture and our textable chatbot on every marketing channel.

Reach further than your property website

Create immersive experiences that turn apartment window shoppers into qualified multifamily leads by adding AI Leasing Assistant to your marketing & communication channels.

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Increase Channel Engagement

Stand out from the crowd on marketing channels such as an ILS and guide prospects back to PERQ Bot for answers 24/7.

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Activate SMS

We make texting easy. PERQ provides a textable number or converts your existing landline for effortless communication.
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Chat whenever, wherever

Prospects don’t only need you during office hours. Give prospects the option to text with your chatbot 24/7.
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Experience links

Connect channel traffic with direct URLs to help prospects find their perfect floor plan, explore the neighborhood and more.
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Enable lead capture

Have marketing channels without lead capture? Put your Assistant to work on channels, like social media or local listing sites, to turn traffic into leads.

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Out of Office?

No one likes voicemails or autoresponders. Point rental prospects to your AI chatbot for instant assistance 24/7.
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Transparent Hand-off

Chats, texts, and digital guest card info – you see it all. PERQ Bot collects and sends a record of all activity with every lead to your CRM.
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Expert Help

Our team is here to ensure a quick and easy set up so you get the most out of your Channel Assistant.

Why people love PERQ

Don’t take our word for it. People across the country absolutely love how PERQ makes their lives easier and simpler.
“PERQ has been instrumental in helping us secure quality residents. In a world that requires immediate gratification, PERQ allows our leads and residents to gain extensive information about our property, quickly.”
Virginia Kull

Property Manager, Highview Pointe

I love how PERQ is able to serve up relevant content and engage the user to share more information about their wants and needs. It allows us to personalize our conversations and create a stronger customer journey.

Lynnette H.

National Marketing Director

PERQ allows us to offer an enhanced experience for the customer, and provides us with the data of those interactions to help our teams ensure a better experience and build relationships.

Jenny Richard

Director of Marketing, Gene B. Glick

Want to know what Renters Really want?

We have the answer by analyzing more than 6 million consumer responses from our technology on multifamily property websites. Take a look inside to learn more!

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perq integrates easily with your favorite multifamily industry tools

To provide the ultimate competitive advantage to our customers, we focus heavily on playing well in the sandbox by integrating with multifamily technology solutions like website providers, CRMs, and single-point tools. Don’t see the tool you are looking to integrate with? Give us a shout, We are adding new integrations every day.


PERQ interfaces with your Yardi® database to offer operational efficiencies and reporting for your property. Features include inserting and updating leads and...


Automatically insert and update lead and tour data between PERQ and RealPage Onesite to improve operational efficiency and reporting.  It’s time to update your resident portal.  Everything is going paperless, including rent payments. Learn how to integrate RealPage’s...


Automatically insert and update lead data between PERQ and Entrata to improve operational efficiency and lease matchback reporting. Looking for a website...


Automatically insert and update lead data between PERQ and Knock to improve operational efficiency and reporting for your business....


Add AI Leasing Assistant to your LeaseLabs website for a seamless, interactive website experience.  Get your lease rates up with LeaseLabs.  A platform...


Add AI Leasing Assistant to your RentCaffeine website for a seamless, interactive website experience.


Add AI Leasing Assistant to your Jonah website for a seamless, interactive website experience. Jonah’s intuitive designs, innovative products, proprietary...


Add AI Leasing Assistant to your RentCafe website for a seamless, interactive website experience. The easiest way to find and lease...


Add AI Leasing Assistant to your G5 website for a seamless and interactive website experience.  The Indianapolis Metro area dealership has leveled up with...


Enable your leasing team to collect and follow up with leads viewing pre-recorded premium tour content from Realync using the PERQ Video Tour experience.


Add AI Leasing Assistant to your Apartments247 website for a seamless, interactive website experience. Enrich your community’s reach...

One easy solution, customized for you.

Start with an AI Leasing Assistant on your website. Add additional support where needed. That’s it!

Questions Frequently Asked about Channel Assistant

What does the Channel Assistant do?

With a multifamily AI chatbot that prospects can text 24/7, PERQ AI Leasing Channel Assistant helps prospects find the exact floor plan and pricing through direct experience links from different channels back to your website, increases engagement on all your listings, and even helps you generate multifamily leads for apartments from traffic on channels previously without lead capture.

What are direct experience links?

Direct experience links allow you to send visitors from your Marketing channels directly to a specific experience on your website, such as find your floor plan, schedule a tour, or your AI chatbot.

Will the Channel Assistant capture leads from different channels?

Yes, our expert team and Channel Set-up Guide makes it easy to add the Channel Assistant on virtually any marketing and communication channel. Once Channel Assistant is added to your channels, it makes it possible to capture and send multifamily leads to your Follow-Up Assistant and the Onsite Team.

How will we know if the Channel Assistant is working?

PERQ is transparent when it comes to reporting all of the work your Assistant is doing. See a record of all activity with every lead sent to your CRM.

What channels does the Channel Assistant work on?

Channel Assistant can help with almost any of the Marketing Channels your team uses, such as ILS’s, review sites, and social media. All you’ll need to do is add your SMS chatbot phone number or direct experience link to your listing. Our Channel Set-up Guide provides examples and guidance so you can get the most out of your Assistant.

Don’t see your question answered? Not sure if this is right for you? Let’s chat it out and see if Channel Assistant is a good fit.