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The Problem

Over the years, Bart’s Car Store has continuously attracted customers, old and new, into their showroom with the help of PERQ’s event sale services. Not only is Bart’s well-known for their great customer service, but their digital marketing efforts (SEO & SEM, specifically) have allowed for first-rate exposure to customers in their area.

However, despite the exposure, their online trade-in tool wasn’t performing as well as it could. The dealership was only receiving basic, often inaccurate, information on each lead and the tool provided no value to prospects, which meant low lead volumes, poor data accuracy, and ultimately, low conversion rates. Understanding that trade-in offers have a significant impact on the consumer’s buying decisions, the team at Bart’s wanted a solution that would allow them to collect crucial information on their trade-in leads while also providing value to that lead. In a nutshell, Bart’s wanted to better understand the wants and needs of their customers.

The Solution

Trade Appraisal Plus Solution

Bart’s Car Store needed a new trade-in tool that was optimized for high conversion of web visitor to lead and lead to show. They also needed a solution that created better conversations with those leads, and warmed up the leads before meeting in person with Bart’s team. After examining their options, they determined that PERQ’s Trade Appraisal Plus (TAP) tool that utilizes FATWIN was exactly what they needed to get more trade-in leads into their showroom.

TAP has the ability to provide a special offer, and in the case of Bart’s, up to $1,000 bonus cash was offered to all trade-in prospects. Once customers filled out the trade appraisal form, a buyer profile was created that provided Bart’s sales team with the information needed to start the conversation. This buyer’s profile, in conjunction with the special offer and ability to customize both the design and strategy in an always-evolving industry, made TAP an easy choice for Bart’s.

The Result

Trade Appraisal Plus Result

Prior to using TAP, Bart’s Car Store averaged 42 trade-in leads a month with their old tool; with a conversion rate of about .6%. However, those numbers changed significantly when they started using TAP. During the first 30 days, Bart’s averaged a 1.6% conversion rate for web traffic and generated 101 leads. Of the 101 leads, 73 indicated they were ready to make an immediate purchase. The sheer quality of the tool attracted significantly higher quality leads that were serious about buying very soon.

The following month (Day 30 – Day 60), the TAP strategy for Bart’s website from the previous 30 days was further optimized and updated to gather even more quality leads. Because of this, Bart’s conversion rate rose to 2.4%, which led to 215 leads within that period alone.

In those first three months, 32 cars were sold from TAP, generating over $80,000 in gross profit. 69% of the TAP leads that purchased a vehicle, purchased within five days of registering. Bart’s continues to use TAP on its website, and expects the results to only increase.

Jason Kitt, Marketing Director, Bart’s Car Store

I’d highly recommend the Trade Appraisal Plus tool to anyone looking to not only increase your online leads, but collect complete buyer information on higher qualified leads that are ready to buy now. Get your sales team ready for an influx in traffic ready to buy, because TAP works.

-Jason Kitt
Marketing Director, Bart’s Car Store

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