Black Book auto dealer, Gary Yeomans Ford, wasn’t quite satisfied with their most recent trade-in tool. Not only were they disappointed with the number of leads generated; they were dissatisfied with the quality of leads as well. All that changed, however, when PERQ called with a solution that would knock their socks off. In mid-September, Gary Yeomans Ford integrated FATWIN Web Engagement’s automotive solution (Trade Appraisal Plus) onto their website; which generated 87 leads in their first 45 days!


Earlier this month, Kyle had the chance to speak with Gary Yeomans Internet Director, Troy Lerdo to learn more about his experiences with Trade Appraisal Plus. Here’s what Troy had to say:

Kyle: How long have you had trade appraisal plus?


Troy: We’re currently in our 3rd month of using Trade Appraisal Plus. We’ve been running it throughout most of September, October and now, November.


Kyle: Do you know the number of leads and the number of sales you’ve received so far?


Troy: From September to now, we collected a total of 87 trade-in leads and sold 10 cars.


Kyle: So, what did you have before Trade Appraisal Plus?


Troy: I didn’t have anything really that was giving me any leads. I had a black book mailer, and I had a black book type of appraiser; but it didn’t really generate the stuff that we’re getting now.

“I had a black book mailer, and I had a black book type of appraiser; but it didn’t really generate the stuff that we’re getting now.”


Kyle: Before Trade Appraisal Plus, do you know (roughly) the average number of leads and sales you received a month from Black Book?                 


Troy:  Prior to TAP, we generated 115 leads from the first of the year (an average of 12 leads per month). I don’t think we had anything that was really, really generating anything for us to be honest with you.


Kyle: What are some of the things you think your sales team benefited from using the information collected from Trade Appraisal Plus?


Troy: With Trade Appraisal Plus, you know exactly where a customer is standing. The questionnaire that consumers fill out really digs a little deeper then just finding out what your trade appraisal is. It asks about stuff like financial assistance, so they’re more prepared to interact with them when they get that lead.


Kyle: Was transitioning to what you had before to Trade Appraisal Plus challenging for you guys?


Troy: No. We knew what goals we needed to accomplish and we took action accordingly.


Kyle: Did you have to change anything about your sales process when transitioning to TAP?


Troy: No. For the most part, everything was pretty normal. However, the fact that we’re able to get more refined details on each lead helps us a lot!


Kyle: If another dealership asked you about Trade Appraisal Plus and what it was, how would you describe it to them? Would you recommend it to them?


Troy: I would tell them that Trader Appraisal Plus is a great tool, and that there are reasons why it’s great. For one, consumers are more enticed to put in the correct information because they have the chance to win some money. Secondly, dealers have the opportunity to ask buying questions and pre-qualifying questions that show you (the dealer) where these buyers stand in the buying process. Those two things are really, really good things about the tool.


Kyle: As far as “return on investment” and the price point of trade appraisal plus goes, what do you think? Is it worth it?


Troy: Yes! It’s definitely worth it. It’s a super affordable tool.


Kyle: [Laughs] So, you’re going to tell all your dealer friends about us?


Troy: Oh yeah, that’s a no brainer. These leads [generated from TAP] are higher quality than any leads I ever got before!


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