Promoting For People: Who Responds To Your Ads And Why?

Promoting For People: Who Responds to Your Ads and Why?

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Promoting For People: Who Responds To Your Ads And Why?

It’s happened to all of us.  You find the perfect quote or video online.  You read or watch it several times.  You connect with it and feel that it describes how you feel perfectly.  Then you decide to share that on your social networks, bearing your soul to the world, and you wait for someone to like or respond to it.  You anxiously watch and refresh the screen because you know that your friends will definitely see how amazing the content is.  Then nothing happens.  Time goes by and no one has liked or shared your perfect idea.  And…you’re crushed.


As a business, this can be even more disheartening because you are most likely spending money to employ someone to manage your Social Media engagement (and potentially on paid ads).  More importantly, every business wants its customers to love it and its products.  So, why aren’t people responding to your Social Media and what can you do to change that?  Here are a few tips to help you out and cheer you up.

Why aren’t people looking at my posts?

There could be a variety of things causing little or no response to your Social Media posts.  Everything from shifting algorithms to your fans not being in your target market can cause them not to see your posts.  Facebook frequently changes their algorithm to make sure they are always providing their users with the best and most pertinent content.  Only about 20% of the stories that could come to a person’s wall actually make it there each day.  Make sure you are using something called an “Edge Rank Checker” to see how your posts are doing and make adjustments.  If your customers can’t see your posts, they can’t respond to them.

Why does it matter?

It matters because people are spending a large amount of time on social networks.  According to an infographic by Mashable, 100% of the Ad Age Top 100 Advertisers have established Facebook pages for their brands.  Facebook alone accounted for 24% of all mobile time spent in May of this year.  Social Media is a serious source of influence on the majority of consumers and if you’re not getting your message out to those customers, a competitor is.

How can I get people to engage?

There are quite a few ways you can get your customers to engage and contribute to your Social Media presence.  A lot of typical ideas revolve around different “tactics” or “tricks” you can use to sucker people in to clicking on or sharing content.  However, the idea isn’t to generate clicks, it’s to generate organic and repeatable engagement with your customers through a sound strategy.


With so much opportunity to choose what we watch and the ease with which we can shut off a message that doesn’t grab us, it’s of the utmost importance to make sure our brands are being viewed as sought after and desirable.  Word of mouth recommendations are the most influential form of marketing, with 84% of global respondents in a 2013 Nielsen survey across 58 countries, saying that they viewed this source as the most trustworthy.  Is it any surprise then that a social network made up of our friends and family members talking about a product would be extremely influential?


In order to turn your customers into product evangelists, you need to engage them and help them to identify with your brand.  You can do this by offering product insights and sharing info about a new or upcoming product before it is released.  You can also share your knowledge with your customers.  If you are in the home security business, for example, you could share a white paper that explains some great ideas for making your home safer.  By creating content that resonates with your customers, they will actually look forward to and share your message for you.  And that kind of engagement is priceless.