Multifamily Marketing Ideas to Increase Lead Conversion

Expert tips for multifamily companies and onsite teams to amp up your marketing efforts.  

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From word of mouth to print to digital, marketing can be done through a lot of different mediums. There are a lot of multifamily marketing ideas to get your multifamily properties in front of online prospects. We live in a digital and virtual world; prospects will be looking at your community while scrolling on their phone or on their laptops from their couch. 

Marketing will get your multifamily community’s name out there and help increase your website traffic. Innovative tools and technology solutions can be added to your tech stack to help with converting that online traffic into qualified leads, scheduled tours, and signed leases. 

On this page you’ll learn more about how to optimize your website for SEO and Google My Business, utilizing Google and social media ads, social media platforms that your property can grow on, and content that can be added to your website to keep prospects on their longer. All these multifamily marketing ideas will make your apartment community stand out from your competitors, improve your search rankings, and get you more signed leases. 

After all, the end goal is to get leases signed and residents who are happy to renew. Prospects and residents want to engage with your community on and offline. Multifamily marketing involves a lot of moving parts but when done well, it’ll save your team time and hours of work by putting the most qualified prospects on their desks and filtering through the clutter.  

Multifamily marketing 

Renting isn’t just a transaction to some people, it’s an emotional and financial commitment. A lot of multifamily marketing emphasizes the financial aspects but misses the mark on the emotional. Your multifamily property will be a prospect’s home for however long the lease is and maybe more if they renew.  

Renting used to be seen as the first step towards homeownership, but the new generation of renters see themselves never buying a home. A study done by RentPath shows that 87% of modern-day renters want their rentals to feel like home in the way homeownership does. The idea of “home” creates a warm feeling of belonging and a space where someone goes to unwind and relax.  

This is what’s missing from multifamily marketing. The connection between your property and the feeling of “this is home”. If a prospect feels connected to your community they will stay longer, meaning higher resident retention and occupancy. Understanding why renters are choosing to rent over homeownership is key to hitting the emotional aspect of multifamily marketing. It could be because they hope to move around the country throughout their life in hopes of adventure and new experiences.  

Understand that renters don’t want the commitment of a house but they do want to have a place that is home, for however long. In that same study done by RentPath, over 52% of renters have owned a home and more than half move within 3 years.  

How can you translate this in your multifamily marketing? Yes, you need all the information on how much rent costs, square footage, any special deals, etc. That doesn’t mean you can’t also run ads and create content that also targets the emotional aspect of renting through: 

  • Relationship Building 
  • Sponsored Social Media Posts 
  • Video Series with Residents 

In order for the emotional aspect to hit home with renters, it begins with your staff and onsite team. Prospects and residents can easily pick up on the culture at your multifamily property through your staff. In your staff training, relationship building needs to be taught. 

The onsite team can’t see residents and prospects as a one time sale. They need to see them as people who they will interact with sometimes daily, but definitely see weekly. Residents see the onsite team as people who want to help them and care for them as people will feel more connected to your property and want to renew.  

We’ve all seen the ads that highlight the floor plans and use high quality photos of staged units and amenities. Sponsoring and boosting posts on your social media that highlight resident events or fun things you’ve done for residents, like providing dog biscuits and bandanas on National Dog Biscuit Day, are different from the traditional ads and sponsored multifamily posts that prospects and renters see when they are on Instagram or Facebook.  

They showcase more of the community aspect of living at your multifamily property and highlight the residents who love living there. Ask residents if you could take photos of how they decorated their space, especially spaces that accommodate work/learn from home. Be sure to get the residents in these photos, but not in a staged way. Have them sit at their couch watching tv, cooking or doing dishes. Show them living in the apartment. This is a lot better than the regular old staged photos and makes your social media feel more authentic. This feeds into the next idea, videos. 

From apartment tours to move-in vlogs to renter friendly decorating, apartment videos are very popular on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. You can create videos that highlight the many different ways someone can decorate the different floor plans you offer. You can create small space decor hacks or renter friendly DIYs. This might seem like a lot of work but it’s well worth it. Putting your multifamily community in the video searches for apartment related content will drive traffic to your website. 

Spending time and effort in relationship building between the staff and residents, having more authentic content in both your social media and exploring videos that aren’t staged and representative of what life and home looks like at your property creates that emotional connection we are looking for in multifamily marketing.   

Multifamily apartment marketing ideas 

Digital marketing is how you and your team will get your multifamily apartment community in front of online prospects. Multifamily apartment marketing ideas range from SEO to improve your online search visibility, creative content on your website and social media, and innovative ways to rethink the tour. 

This generation of renters plan on renting for most of their lives according to a report done by Millennial Homeownership. This report is great news for multifamily properties because it means there will be more people renting for longer, but it also means these renters will have been in multiple multifamily apartment communities by the time they are moving or looking at your property.  

These renters will have lived in a wide range of housing. They will have seen the same listings over and over again. So how can your multifamily apartment marketing help your community stand out from your competitors and impress prospects who have seen it all? 

  1. SEO Strategy 
  2. Unique Content 
  3. Reimagining Tours  

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s the practice of increasing your online apartment website traffic and increasing the quality of the traffic as well. SEO will help bring your multifamily apartment community website higher up in search rankings and get more online visibility than your competitors. 

Your multifamily property website has to be optimized for search or it won’t be found when a prospect begins their journey to find their next rental. The great thing about SEO is that you don’t have to pay to have your website ranked higher up, but it is a practice that may need to be outsourced to an SEO or marketing agency. 

SEO is centered around how consumers are searching online for the products and services they are looking for. A critical part of SEO is understanding keywords. Keywords are the words and phrases that consumers are typing into search engines to find the answers they are looking for. The answer in this case is your multifamily community’s website.  

Identifying the keywords and phrases your target demographic is using in online search queries is the first step. Once you know what keywords to hit, the next step is optimizing your website and ads to incorporate these keywords so search engines can find your websites when these queries are made. 

Your multifamily community’s website needs to include your primary keyword in the main headline and in roughly 1 – 3% of the rest of the copy on that page. The other keywords and phrases that you identified need to also be included on the other pages of your website. SEO is an important part of digital marketing and is how to get your website more visible online, you don’t want to end up on the second page of a search. 

You got online visitors on the website but how do you keep them there? These renters will have seen a lot of multifamily apartment websites. They want to see something that’s new and different that will stand out in their head when they are making the decision to sign a lease with your community. 

Having a blog on the website is a great way to do this. You can have the team write recaps of resident events, what’s happening in the surrounding neighborhood, how residents have decorated different floor plans, and even have residents guest write blog posts about what it’s like living there. This is a unique take on the regular resident testimonials. It’s also more authentic and reads more candidly than a one-off quote. Blogging will also increase your online visibility as studies show that businesses with blogs have 67% more monthly online leads and 55% more online visitors than businesses that don’t blog. This helps the SEO efforts even more and really puts your multifamily property at the forefront of online searches. 

Another idea that will make you stand out is advertising any virtual leasing/touring options you have. This is a great way to keep online prospects who may not feel comfortable with in person activities or online prospects who are out of town and are unable to come in person until when they plan on moving. 

Virtual touring is a popular option nowadays and your community will look outdated if you don’t offer it. Also, prospects who are on the fence about scheduling an in-person tour can take a virtual tour first and then decide to come in. Virtual touring doesn’t get rid of the other tour options, its another way to allow online prospects to know your community more from their couch. 

Multifamily marketing plan 

Every move you make in business needs to be throughout. Your property needs to have a multifamily marketing plan in place to ensure that everyone knows what messaging and tone you are trying to associate with a given property. Everyone needs to know what and how you are trying to market the community as otherwise the inconsistency will show, and prospects will run. No one wants to make an emotional and financial commitment to a business where it seems like everyone is on a different page and it reads as messy. 

Your multifamily marketing plan needs to include: 

Investing in both a desktop and mobile-friendly website needs to be your first priority. Your multifamily property website is your biggest asset. The website needs to be easy to navigate, optimized for SEO, and provide all the information that a prospective renter needs in order to be seen as a qualified lead when they decide to schedule a tour.  

We’ve talked about how you can use keywords on the homepage to help with SEO and online visibility, but it’s important to emphasize again as this is how you will get your multifamily property website seen online. This is how you will rank higher up on the search pages. Investing in your website includes having an SEO strategy as part of your multifamily marketing plan. 

Did you know that Google penalizes websites that don’t meet their mobile-friendly standards? Not having a mobile-friendly website will hurt you and any effort you’ve made in SEO is pointless if you’re being penalized anyway. You will miss out on a lot of leads because your site won’t be ranked by Google and visitors who are on mobile will get frustrated from a non-responsive and difficult to use website. 

Your multifamily marketing plan needs to incorporate virtual tours. Virtual touring is perfect for prospects who are out of town and unable to see the property in person and for prospects who are uncomfortable with in person activities. Virtual leasing is how many properties leased for an entire year, but that doesn’t mean it has no place in your tech stack long term.  

Virtual touring is also great for people who want to do a virtual tour from their couch before deciding if they want to come in person. It also is an interactive element on your website that will keep prospects engaged with your property online for a little bit longer.  

Speaking of tech stacks, investing in technology solutions that help with marketing automation should be a priority when measuring the value of your tech stack and creating your multifamily marketing plan. 

Using a CRM to keep track of follow-ups and the conversations you’ve already had with leads will help keep you from spamming a lead’s inbox which will turn them away from your property. This will help your onsite team stay organized in their lead nurturing and it makes sure qualified leads aren’t ignored. 

One of the biggest complaints’ renters have is that there isn’t someone to answer their questions whenever they may have them. Incorporating a website assistant also helps with automation and lead nurture. No one can work 24 hours a day, but a virtual website assistant can. It will be there 24/7 to help answer prospect questions and collect the data from their conversations so the leasing specialists have them to be prepared for their initial conversation with the lead. 

Lastly, having a creative renewal strategy needs to be a part of your marketing plan. A renewal reminder email is… nice but there’s more that can be done to really show that resident that you want them to stay. 

Take it a step further with doorknob reminders with a small gift like candy or a coaster attached to it. You can personalize the notes and hand write them instead for a more human touch. This is where the relationship building comes in handy because the better you know the resident, the easier and more thoughtful the personalization of that note will be.  

When they renew, ask those residents for honest feedback and a review/testimonial. Building up your positive reviews from current residents will help your reputation and can be used on your website and social media to show prospects what residents think about living in your community. 

These are a few ideas to help build your multifamily marketing planAll these ideas will help you increase your qualified leads, help with resident retention, and build a trustworthy reputation online. 

Apartment marketing ideas 

There are a lot of apartment marketing ideas out there. Before you can go into executing any of them, you need to know your audience first. Renters are typically a part of the Millennial and now Gen Z generations. Be sure to have already defined your brand identity and messaging as well so everyone is on the same page and you can cater these ideas to fit the image you’ve been cultivating of your property.  

Let’s start with some social media apartment marketing ideas. Millennials and Gen Z grew up with social media and use it on a regular basis. It’s a part of their daily routines and they check these platforms before making any sort of big emotional or financial commitment. 

Pinterest is an interesting social media platform that you could use, but it shouldn’t be the main priority. Posting photos of your multifamily apartment community and individual units on Pinterest will help with online search visibility but people use this platform for ideas and inspiration, not so much for finding their next apartment. It’s still a good idea to have photos up on Pinterest as a way to get your name and brand out there. 

Use Facebook/Instagram Live for a Virtual Open House. This is an easy way, especially for newer properties, to show prospective renters the property and floor plans available from the comfort of their own couch. For a prospect who was on your website but on the fence about whether or not they should come in, a Virtual Open House is a great way to get them through the gate and want to come in and see in person. This is a step up from a pre-recorded tour. With it being live, the leasing specialist can answer prospect questions as they come up in real time. 

We’ve mentioned before how popular apartment videos are on YouTube and TikTok. This is a serious area of opportunity and there are lots of talented individuals who can make this a reality for your property. From DIY videos to move-in/packing tips, prospects watch these videos and if you can get your property on YouTube in this space, it’ll be a great way to build your online reputation and trust with prospects. The more content they see from you, the more they will feel like they know the team and the property. 

Social media marketing is a worthwhile investment and needs to be a part of your marketing plan. There are lots of apartment marketing ideas that happen offline. These tend to be centered around resident retention and lease renewals but are still important to incorporate in your marketing plan. We talked earlier about creative ways to approach lease renewal with residents who are at that stage. For residents who are not there yet, resident events are one way to make them feel appreciated at your community. 

Resident events can be large or small. From themed cocktail hours to offering snacks on national snack days to gift wrapping parties near the holidays, resident events are where your team can have some fun and work on building relationships with current residents. 

Your property can sponsor a local event in the community or work with local businesses to offer a promotional discount to your residents. Doing community outreach in the neighborhood your apartment is located in will be seen by locals and other renters who aren’t at your property. It’s one way to get in front of your competitors’ residents without fully targeting them. 

Reach out to local gyms, bars, restaurants, and stores and see if they would want to do a pop up at your property during a resident event. Be sure to take lots of photos at these events and promote them on your website and social media. Write up blog posts recapping what happened to really give online prospects an in-depth look at life in your community. 

Apartment marketing 

We’ve covered a lot of ideas and techniques to get your apartment marketing strategies and plans in a good place. All of the ideas and techniques we’ve talked about will help you increase your online search visibility, website traffic, converting that traffic into qualified leads, stand out from competitors, and make those initial conversations easier for both the leasing specialists and the prospects. 

Let’s look back at all we’ve covered so far: 

  • Relationship Building 
  • Social Media Advertising and Content 
  • SEO Strategy 
  • Video Series/YouTube and TikTok opportunities 
  • Reimagining the “Tour” 
  • Investing in CRM and Web Assistant Technology 
  • Investing in your website and blogging 
  • Outreach with the local community and businesses

All of these bullet points are different ideas that will help you with your apartment marketing goals. Marketing isn’t just sponsoring a post here and there and sending out emails. Your marketing plan needs to adapt to the different leasing ups and downs. There are times when a lot of leases are up for renewal and a lot of prospects are looking to move in, especially if your multifamily property is located in a college town. 

Apartment marketing is meant to help your team work more efficiently, increase your qualified leads, and in the end get you more leases signed. Renting is this generation’s way of living. Homeownership is not on their radar and for those renters who have been homeowners, they aren’t looking for that commitment again.  

Renting is more of an emotional process nowadays than it was before. Relationship building and creating content that plays on that aspect is how your property will stand out to prospective renters. They’ve rented many times before and they’ve seen it all, good and bad. They know the script that leasing specialists tend to follow on tours and while discussing living at a property. 

That script is outdated and boring. Focusing on the emotional attachment of renting will make your property feel more like home. All the creative and unique forms of content we’ve discussed from blogging to videos to social posts are all to make your property and team feel more real to prospects — more like home.  

The emotional aspect is important but so is the technical. Putting time and effort into a solid SEO strategy, investing in new technology for CRM, and adding a Web Assistant will help take the load off your leasing specialists while allowing them to focus on the qualified leads and building a relationship with those leads.  

CRM and Web Assistant technology will help gather data on online prospective renters as they go through your website. It will remember how they want to be contacted, what floor plans they were looking at, what they’re move-in schedule is like, and keep that information ready for automated follow-up. Having these kinds of tools in your tech stack will help the onsite team and make it easier for prospects to communicate their wants with them since the team has all the information available at their fingertips.  

This kind of technology is what allows leasing specialists to have the room in their work schedules to work on relationship building and resident retention through events, partnering up with the local businesses in the community, and being able to do more outreach work that’s not on the website. These tools make your website work for you and allow the team to put efforts elsewhere. 

Apartment marketing, as you have seen, requires a lot of different strategies in order to get your multifamily property’s website visible online and attract qualified leads. It shouldn’t be looked over and not given a second thought. Just because you have tools in your tech stack to help with marketing automation and lead nurture doesn’t mean that there isn’t more work to do. That can’t be the only strategy your community has. Having a consistent online presence and well thought out brand identity requires working at it every day. 

How PERQ can help you with Multifamily Marketing Ideas 

Multifamily marketing ideas are supported through PERQ’s AI Leasing Assistant. The AI Leasing Assistant automates the human driven leasing process while offering an interactive chatbot, lead conversion widgets, and follow-up assistance while seamlessly integrating on your property website and working with other add-ons.  

PERQ’s AI Leasing Assistant improves operational efficiency and profitability by increasing lead conversion, saving leasing specialists hours of work, and collecting better data in the leasing process. This is done through combining a chatbot, lead conversion widgets, and automated follow-up to give properties a complete omni-channel solution that is easy to implement with no technology or process change. 

It helps support your multifamily marketing ideas as it centralizes all the data it collected from the online prospects journey on your website. It uses that data for cleaner follow-up that is timed to be released with the given move-in timeline and allows for leasing teams to make better decisions around messaging, amenities, and marketing channels. PERQ’s AI Leasing Assistant will give you a 2x – 4x increase on qualified leads and a 40% increase on tours and lead-to-tour conversion.


Don’t just take our word for it. One of our clients, Jamin Harkness, EVP at The Management Group, has said, “we love PERQ because you help convert people. With your AI Bot, my favorite part is because we use CRM, when there’s a chat on the AI Bot, all that information goes into our CRM as a guest card. That gives us context of what was asked before we reengage with that prospect again.”

What makes PERQ’s AI Leasing Assistant different from other chatbot or follow-up choices is that our solution is an “all in one” platform. By combining single point solutions, the AI Leasing Assistant platform cohesively addresses all phases of the leasing journey to increase overall results and deliver a better renting experience that is much more cost effective to the community.


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