Use Multifamily Data-Driven Sales to Pass only qualified prospects to your leasing team so they can focus on what they do best, lease units.

PERQ AI Leasing Assistant combines website conversion, offsite lead capture, and automated followup to provide the most complete artificial intelligence solution in multifamily.

Generate Data-Driven Sales with PERQ AI LEasing Assistant


Save 12 Hours a Week

Free up your onsite team by automating nurture of your prospect funnel with follow-up custom branded for your property.

PERQ Website Assistant

Double Your Conversion

Bots don’t need naps. Deploy a data driven sales strategy to give your prospects a helping hand 24/7 while capturing more tours.


Extend Your Reach

Automatically guide prospects to PERQ experiences on your website by enabling interactive lead capture from every marketing channel. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I think I get it, but can you give me the cliff notes on what this is and how it works?

PERQ’s AI Leasing Assistant software improves operational efficiency and profitability be increasing conversion, saving time and collecting better data in the leasing process. We do this by combining a chatbot, lead conversion widgets, and automated follow-up to give properties a complete omnichannel solution that is easy to implement with no technology or process change.

How do I sell this to "the boss"? What's in it for them?

Four words, “operational efficiency and profitability”. With PERQ, you can increase the volume of property tours while maximizing your leasing team’s effectiveness by automating routine questions and lead follow-up activities. Increase marketing spend ROI and understand the value of property amenities with better consumer insights.

There are a lot of AI leasing agent technology choices out there. PERQ allows you to optimize your technology budget with a comprehensive platform instead of struggling to align a collection of one-off, point solutions. Last, your strategy is only as good as the information at your fingertips, plan budget and forecast performance more effectively with a consistently performing lead funnel process and rich consumer data.


What makes this solution a "better bot" than others out there?

There are a lot of single point disconnected solutions out there handling small portions of the prospect funnel. We offer both chatbot and follow-up bot capability enabled across email, text, and website, as well as other digital marketing channels. This is the core of our solution and what PERQ specializes in as a company, not just an add-on.

My leasing team is already overwhelmed with work. How will this help instead of getting in the way?

The day of a Leasing Agent is challenging with lots of tasks to juggle. Save them time by automating routine questions and lead follow-up activities so they can handle the more complex lead and resident tasks.

Onboarding new technology can be daunting. From a Client Success Manager who will handle the brunt of setup for you, to 24/7 resource centers, and virtual educational events we’ve got your back from day one with dedicated resources to ensure the success of you and your team.

How do I make sure PERQ's AI Leasing Assistant solution represents my brand properly?

We not only look like your website through custom branding of colors and names, but we also work closely with your team to ensure PERQ is an expert on your community amenities and floorplans. Natural Language processing in chat allows the bot to understand the intent behind your prospects needs and get them the perfect answer.

Need Multifamily Marketing Ideas to Increase Lead Conversion?

Expert tips for Multifamily Companies and Onsite Teams to amp up your marketing efforts. 

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Your Data Driven Sales Process Will Integrate Seamlessly


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One easy data-driven sales solution, customized for you.

Start with an AI Leasing Assistant on your website. Add additional support where needed. That’s it!

What PERQ has done for our business is just tremendous. I feel that way based on numbers, the actual data and it’s just, it’s good. You’ve made my life a lot easier…

Dalia Kalgreen

Director of Marketing, Unified Residential Management