Making Self-Guided Apartment Tours Successful

By: Kristy Esch

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Your apartment doesn’t need bells and whistles to offer self-guided apartment tours. During our recent lunch and learn with Power Pro Leasing, a mobile leasing app for apartment operators that also offers self-guided tour technology, attendees learned putting a plan in place is all it takes to begin. 

Karen Gladney, co-founder of Power Pro, says consumers have come to expect options when looking at an apartment and why they believe in the philosophy of “tour your own way.” Even after the pandemic, apartments will still need to offer multiple tour options, whether that’s self-guided, video or in-person tours.


Everyone will be moving at their own pace in the months to come, Gladney says, and while some will be comfortable scheduling an in-person tour of a unit, others will want to do it all on their own. 


The first step properties should take is mapping out a vision for the ultimate touring experience. Train your teams on what each type of tour, including self-guided tours, should look like. To begin, everyone on your team should play the role of the prospect and leasing specialist for each of the tour types you offer. Enabling your teams will help them to be successful. 


Most importantly, human connection still needs to be a part of the process even when offering self-guided tours. Your communication on the front end and right after that tour will be the ultimate factor in whether someone chooses to lease from you. 


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