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Maintenance and The Leasing Office

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Appliances, lights, furnaces, and any other mechanical or electrical thing needs to be repaired or checked on from time to time. When writing reviews for properties, something that renters will comment on is how quickly and efficiently maintenance requests are handled.


When the AC isn’t working in your home during the hottest part of summer and the request to fix it gets ignored or it isn’t a priority for a week or two, it will make you hate where you live. No matter how nice the leasing office is or the amenities are, if you can’t fix mechanical and electrical problems correctly and quickly, renters will decide to leave to go to a property where reviews for maintenance are better.


Personally, I remember when apartment searching in late July and a determining factor for not choosing one of the top 3 communities on my list was because there were reviews complaining about maintenance. How can the leasing office make sure that maintenance is a high priority?



The leasing office and the maintenance crew speak a different language. Creating transparency between the two will help both teams work more efficiently. Most properties handle maintenance requests digitally these days, however things do get delayed. This is where things start to fall apart.


Everyone needs to be on the same page and this needs to be communicated to the tenet. The leasing office and maintenance crew need to be in constant communication about what repairs are happening and what things will need to be replaced. 


Doing some team building between the leasing office and the maintenance crew is a great way to bridge that gap. It can be fun activities like building the tallest marshmallow tower — a classic or it can be a little more hands on. There are some properties that let their teams switch roles for the day so they can see what it’s like in each other’s shoes. The leasing office handles lighter maintenance requests while maintenance answers phone calls and questions.



Multifamily properties are communities. Building trust and communication between these two offices helps create that community. Tenets will be able to feel that both offices are on the same team and they will talk about it in their reviews. Better reviews means more prospects which means more leases signed.


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