Leveraging Twitter to Make Personal Connections with Your Customers

By: Courtney Guggenberger


People created personas on Twitter and used it to speak about work related topics, personal hobbies, etc.  Instead of just using it to state the obvious, there was good information and things that compelled you to follow and interact.  Suddenly, it changed into something that contained great information about things I actually cared about.  Ever since then I have made some great connections and learned a lot that I wouldn’t have ever found without Twitter.

The size (and noise) on the micro-blogging site has grown in scale year after year.  That makes it harder than ever to be heard.  It’s possible though, if you do it right.  Here are a few tips.

Know who you’re talking to

When crafting each tiny tweet, make sure you are constantly thinking about your audience, not just yourself or your business objectives.  This is your opportunity to capture the attention of people who are looking to connect with your business.  If you remain focused on them, you can build a bustling community that will not only help you spread the word about your brand, but often will come to your brand’s defense against detractors.

Establish your brand’s message

Remember that the things you post on Twitter are going to define your brand.  So, make sure it’s good!  While we all know that we are in business to make money, you have to realize that you will hemorrhage followers quicker than BP after the oil spill if you just push sales messages with no other content.

Put in the effort

Try using something like “TweetDeck” to monitor your Twitter presence and to make sure you are responding quickly to any feedback left about your brand or your industry.  Twitter is a “social” media tool after all.  Participate in discussions.  Sometimes, replying to other industry leaders or contributing to someone else’s conversation can get you the most exposure.

It’s more important now than ever before to make sure that your content is something your customers want NEED.  No more pictures of cats or links to funny videos with no relation to your business or your demographic.  Use this space to showcase what your brand is made of and to engage people you want to like you (existing and potential customers).  Think of them, their needs and wants and show them how you can satisfy them in a fun and interesting way on Twitter.  That will help you develop the relationship with your customers (and hopefully soon to be customers) and turn them into true advocates for your brand!