How to Track Texting through FATWIN

By: Felicia Savage

We’ve been talking about texting (or text-to-enter) quite a bit over the last couple weeks, and it’s really easy to see why! By adding a texting code to your dealership’s different marketing channels, you can increase your microsite leads by as much as 46%. That’s a pretty big deal! Still, you might be curious to know how such a percentage even came about. How were we able to track and report on such results? Well, the answer is actually very simple!


When running a texting promotion with PERQ, a special GURL (also known as a general URL) is sent to any recipient who texts the promotional code they found on a dealership’s advertising piece. Once received, a recipient will click on it and find the accompanying microsite. Now, despite what the name might indicate, the GURL that the recipient opens up is associated with that texting campaign. That said, if someone opens that particular GURL, it indicates that someone had engaged with the texting component in the promotion.


Using your FATWIN dashboard, you can find an abundance of information associated with your texting campaign. Here’s a brief walkthrough of how to maneuver through the dashboard and find your texting campaign results:



1. When you first log into your dashboard, you’ll be presented with a high level snapshot of your campaign’s progress. If you scroll down to the “Media Response” section, you’ll be able to find the total number of consumers who used your texting option. Simply look at the chart on the right-hand side, look for “Text” under source and you’ll see the total number of people who visited your microsite.



2. While observing the total number of visitors is nifty, you’ll naturally want to delve a little deeper. By clicking on the “Marketing Info” tab, you’ll gain further insight into who your customers are and where they are in the buying “journey.” To see this information as it pertains to your texting campaign, scroll to the left-hand side of “Marketing Info” dashboard and click “Text.” You’ll find answers to the custom questions asked on the microsite and see the number of actual registrants.





3. Now, you’ll no doubt want to take a look at who has actually registered. To do this, click on the very next tab that says “Leads Report” and “Create Filters. Next, you’ll want to select “Text” under the “Marketing Channels” column and click “Run Filters.”



FATWIN leads report


4. Once you’ve run your filters, you should get a list that looks like this. The list will supply names, phone numbers, e-mails and any other information that the registrant has filled out.


FATWIN lead contact example

To learn more about how to track your texting results in a multi-channel promotion, call an account rep at 800.873.3117.