How to Make the Most of Texting in Your Next Multi-Channel Promotion

By: Felicia Savage

A few weeks ago, we went over how texting can greatly help your multi-channel efforts, but we never did get quite into the nitty gritty about how one could incorporate texting into a multi-channel promotion.


Now as we’ve consistently discussed, multi-channel promotions are when you leverage several advertising channels instead of just one, to get the same message across to audiences on your chosen advertising platforms. Obviously, this would mean putting your text-to-enter (or texting) information on a good portion of your advertising pieces. The question is: what ad channels would benefit most from a texting code?

Here are some of the channels that would benefit the most from the service add-on:

Direct Mail


Although most direct mail pieces already provide information on the various ways consumers can enter contests and giveaways, text-to-enter can be a highly simplified option for folks on the go. It also serves as a good option for consumers who, let’s say, didn’t match numbers and therefore didn’t initially win a prize. They have another opportunity to enter a contest and further engage with the dealership. By sending consumers to the microsite via text, they can enter another contest and of course, schedule a test-drive or consultation.

Indoor & Outdoor Signage


Whether it’s an in-store banner or a billboard along the highway, it’s been proven time and time again that this type of advertising does work. The ads aren’t hyper-targeted, but they’re often seen in high-traffic areas with multitudes of people passing through every single day. And if they even have somewhat functional eyes, they’re seeing your ads at some point. Really, the only real “requirement” is that you make the texting code (along with the promotion itself) as noticeable as possible while retaining the theme’s inviting characteristics.

Television & Radio


Although TV and radio ads aren’t as hyper-targeted as banner ads or targeted display, television and radio ads are a great way to reach audiences in a somewhat broad demographic; consisting of viewers or listeners in certain age demographics or locations. Advertisements on television and on the radio allow you to get your message out in fun, creative and playful ways. On television, for example, you can create an animated commercial that shows your texting code at the end. Or on the radio, you can sing a jingle that possesses the same, cohesive messaging as your other ads. Just make sure you work with your vendor to stay within the time limit allotted by the media station.
In an era where many consumers tune out during commercials, this is the opportune time to get creative. What’s especially cool about using text-to-enter in these traditional mediums is that you finally have a tangible way of tracking where some microsite visitors are coming from – and that provides better insights on your target market.


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