How to Follow Up With FATWIN Leads

By: Felicia Savage


If you’ve been following the PERQ blog over the past few weeks, you’ve learned about several best practices for using FATWIN. First, we learned how to draw folks to your event sale using multichannel advertising (which is essentially just conveying the same message over different advertising mediums). Next, we learned how to search for the highest priority leads following curation. But the question remains: how does one follow up with these carefully selected leads?

It’s actually quite simple! Whether it’s a salesperson or someone at your call center reaching out, all they need to do is talk about the information that was filled out on the microsite or kiosk. It isn’t a convoluted mystery! These consumers knowingly filled out their information at an in-store kiosk or online microsite. In other words, they have some idea of who you are!

The information they provided will give you some insight into what questions you should be asking or what you should be offering them. For example: A consumer has mentioned (on the microsite) that they’re looking to spend anywhere from $25,000-$30,000 on a new vehicle. You could ask some questions about their current finances as well as provide appropriate options and offers (like a test drive) to figure out what options are best for them within that price range.

Now, if your phone conversations are anything like mine, you’ll find yourself getting slightly sidetracked with idle conversation — and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing! A healthy banter can help build trust between the consumer and the “mystery person” (that’s you!) on the other line. However, it is extremely important for the conversation not to stray too far away from the ultimate goal of getting the consumer to convert!

So, while you’re having a nice conversation with the consumer, be sure to make full use of the “notes” section of the FATWIN consumer database. A consumer isn’t going to fill you in on every aspect of their life via the microsite or kiosk, so it’s your job to get vital information out of them concerning their lifestyle as well as their wants and needs. That little tidbit about a mom driving their children to soccer practice 2-3 times a week, or the tidbit about someone driving an hour to work can help you to help the consumer find exactly what they’re looking for. 

To learn more about how to maximize the benefits of FATWIN to help you sell more cars, call your PERQ Account Manager today!