Dealer Website Solutions that Help Convert More Car Buyers

By: Felicia Savage

As a sales manager or marketing director in the auto industry, you probably feel like your competition is coming at you from all angles — from the brick-and-mortar locations just down the street, to the automotive stores all over the internet.


So, how do you stand out from all this competition? How do you make sure the people visiting your website actually visit your auto dealership to complete the purchase?


With most consumers now completing most of the car purchasing process online, it’s essential to focus your attention on your website presence. According to Google, about 82 percent of car buyers are using an average of seven to eight digital sources before making a purchase. The study also shows that they’re in the market for about three months or less.


Developing an engaging online experience for visitors that provides quality consumer data is crucial since it can help you develop even more customized experiences.  You can accomplish this through the right mix of auto web solutions, analysis, and follow-up.


Here are some great dealer website solutions that can help you convert more leads:


Amp Up your Website

 A visit to your website should never be described as boring or ho-hum. Not only should consumers be able to find everything they’re looking for, but their eyes should be drawn to important parts of your website. Your website needs to be clean, well-coded, but more importantly, engaging. You can und absolutely should reach out to an auto web solutions vendor to help you customize a website that allows for multiple points of engagement.


Now, you might be asking yourself, what can I even do to keep consumers engaged with my dealership website? Through the use interactive experiences, not only have dealerships successfully captured leads, but they were able to have a 2-way, participatory discussion with consumers and learn more about them.


For dealerships, interactive experiences typically consist of calculators, trade appraisals, prizes, offers, and quizzes. These tools help keep visitors engaged and informed throughout the car buying process. The longer they hang out on your website, the more likely they will make a purchase through your auto dealership.


Customize Buyer Journey Experiences

No one wants to feel as if they’re receiving a form letter that could be sent to just anyone. Your website should be set up to provide a customized experience for each consumer. “Dynamic Pathing” provides dealerships with the opportunity to provide the right offer, to the right person, at the right time.

First thing’s first, of course — just what the heck is “dynamic pathing?” Dynamic pathing is the process of collecting user activity and using it to predict the next step of that consumer’s buying journey.


For example: If a consumer completes a trade appraisal experience, a new Call-to-Action (or CTA) will pop up that pushes them to another experience that helps them determine what their next car will be.


Even though dealers aren’t the ones who are personally overseeing these results in real-time, your website is — hence why those experiences seem so personalized.


If a person is interested in financing options, they should receive an entirely different experience than a prospective consumer who wants to pay for a vehicle on the spot, but who is simply looking for what vehicle they want. Through the use of these interactive experiences, your dealership can gather the data to deliver those type of personalized experiences.

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Be Timely with your Responses


Whether you’re using automation marketing or your dealership is using its sales reps to follow up, the response should be timely. According to a study by Management Consultancy, Arthur D. Little, 90 percent of respondents said they would consider waiting more than 24 hours for a confirmation of a test drive or other request as unacceptable. In fact, about 67 percent said they expected a response within eight hours of a request for a test drive.

The authors of the guide have even went on to say, “More and more customers look for round-the-clock contact. This includes communication via phone, email, and web chat with sales staff or support personnel when required.”


One other thing Little highlighted was that despite emails were continually being ranked as the number one communication tool year-after-year, the need to have a 2-way participatory (or face-to-face) conversation over the internet is becoming more and more prevalent by the second.


Emails are still ranked as the number one communication tool – but this is changing. The importance of face-to-face interaction via the internet is increasing.


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