Data Shows Which Apartment Resident Activity Ideas Are Worth Doing

By: Kristy Esch

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Multifamily properties are more than just a short-term rental. For residents and prospects, it will become their community and home. From virtual resident event ideas, property event ideas, to resident giveaway ideas, there are a lot of ways you can plan and create resident events. Which apartment resident activity ideas are really worth the time and effort according to data?


The Multifamily Field Guide took a look at responses from 193,000 consumers who visited almost 320 property websites across the country and crunched the numbers to take the guesswork out of how to increase resident satisfaction, your renewal rates and how to attract new prospects to stay ahead of the competition. A discussion post here on Multifamily Insiders generated some great ideas. Property managers and leasing specialists discussed hosting a community car wash, a yard sale, casino night, chili cook-off or character day at the pool for kids. The Field Guide offers solid data into what other resident activities ideas for apartments are worth planning.


17% of consumers said they enjoyed outdoor activities the most. Host outdoor events at your property where you give tenants more opportunities to hang out with their friends and show prospects what you offer by inviting them, too. Some outdoor resident event ideas for apartment communities include hosting a bbq cook out, having a community pop up sale where local businesses can set up a table, if you have a pool hosting a pool party that’s themed, garden/plant with us event, or food and ice cream trucks in the parking lot with some music.


Share photos of your outdoor events on social media, on your website, in digital advertising efforts and in lead nurture emails. To increase engagement, some social media contest ideas for apartment communities include having residents share photos/stories of the event and tagging the property, promoting the event on their own page adn tagging friends, you can even do a dance challenge. Ensuring there is an outdoor component to your activity will likely make it more successful! Outdoor activities don’t necessarily have to be on site, either. How about a night out at the local baseball game? See if you can get discounted tickets for your residents or host a contest to win free tickets.



About one-third of renters said they own a pet, and about 11% of respondents ranked pet-related activities as a favorite. Perhaps host a pet wash or pet beauty contest to interest these residents. Consider working with local dog walkers, groomers and pet sitters to offer deals or events for your renters. I always like the idea of a “yappy hour” where residents can introduce their pets to one another and their owners get to socialize. How about celebrating a featured pet of the month with a photo in your lobby or on your website showing off one of your furry residents. As a dog mom, I know I love to brag about my 110-pound pup, and I’m sure your residents with pets would, too.


Some resident giveaway ideas during events can include the furry residents too. There’s the popular option of x amount off next month’s rent or gift cards to local businesses, but having a gift basket for pets with treats, branded bandanas or collars, lint rollers, toys, or anything pet related is a great way to encourage residents to show up and participate while also making them feel appreciated.



Virtual community event ideas are great to have. While it seemed like a great back-up plan during the pandemic, a lot of people enjoy doing things from behind their laptop and there are some events that might not seem worth going in person for to some residents. Virtual tenant events are also a way to promote inclusivity and accessibility since it allows everyone to join in regardless of their health or physical ability to get somewhere.


A few virtual resident events ideas include bingo, trivia, virtual happy hour, book club or podcast club, or discussing a new show or series. These are all things that can be done through Zoom and for those who register in advance, you can leave them a gift bag of snacks or drinks at their door before the event starts. Virtual resident events for apartments should still be incorporated into your events calendar post pandemic because they are easier to commit too and gives residents multiple options for how to engage with the community.


Overworked leasing agents and property managers may wonder if resident activities are worth doing at all, but it pays off when it’s time for lease renewal, attracting new residents or staying ahead of the competition. Twenty percent of rental prospects say social activities are their favorite way to spend their time. Why not make it easy on them and build their social life right into their neighborhood? Bingo + Drinks, a Community Cornhole Competition, Paint Your Pet, Community Volunteer Day, the list of possibilities goes on. Think outside of the box and be creative, and when all else fails, survey your residents to see what activities interest them most. Good luck!


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