Best chatbot for website

How to find a chatbot for your multifamily website

AI Leasing Assistants have finally arrived for the multifamily industry. With so many to choose from it can be hard to figure out which is the best chatbot for website. Some AI Assistants might not have chatbots, others might have rule based chatbots, and very few have natural language chatbots.


What is a chatbot and what does AI have to do with it? A chatbot is exactly that, a “robot” if you will that talks to online prospects, answers their questions no matter the time, and collects data from their conversations for easier follow-up and lead nurturing later. All of this is powered through AI technology and some chatbots, like the one through PERQ, continue to learn from the conversations it is having in order to give the best experience possible. You might be wondering, “why does our property need to buy chatbot software and what should we be looking for to ensure the best ROI?”


Chatbot software for website is needed for your multifamily properties because it makes your website more engaging and interactive for prospects while helping your onsite team by handling prospect’s questions 24/7 and collecting that data so when the prospect is ready to talk to a leasing specialist, that leasing specialist can go into that conversation equipped with the knowledge of what the prospect has been looking for on your website.


There are a lot of AI Assistants out there promising that they have the best chatbot for website, but not all of them can deliver on their promises just based off some of the functionality they can and can’t do. In this article, we’ll talk more about some of the criteria you should look for when making such a large investment for your multifamily communities. Let’s dive into the world of multifamily chatbots.

Best Chatbots to Talk to

A pretty important thing to look at when browsing chatbot software for multifamily is how conversational chatbot is. The best chatbots to talk to no matter what industry or what website a consumer is on, are the chatbots that can quickly respond and can handle a lot of questions. This means that the chat has the knowledge to know the answers to hundreds of questions related to the product or service that is being sold.


Have you ever talked to a chatbot and every question you ask they don’t have the answer, or they give you an answer that doesn’t help? That is why the best chatbots to talk to are powered by AI. AI chatbots can learn from the conversations they have with online prospects so that they can answer as many questions as possible.


The best chatbots to talk to are natural language chatbots. There are two kinds of conversational chatbot — rule based vs. natural language. A rule based chatbot asks the online prospects prompts and the prospect must click on an answer that is close to what they are looking for. These chatbots take more time to gather the data on the prospect as it takes them more time to talk to the prospect. A natural language chatbot is one you can text as if it was a friend. Not only are natural language bots a better experience for the online prospect, they can answer more of their questions and collect better data on them.

Best AI Chatbot

The best AI chatbot really is one with natural language capabilities because it has more knowledge than the rule-based bots and it can continue to learn from it’s interactions with online prospects. Yes, a natural language AI chatbot is still using standardized responses, but it isn’t as “canned” as the rule-based and it is personalized to your property more. It sounds more  natural and less robotic.


AI chatbots give online prospects a more personalized, engaging, and interactive experience. This keeps them on your multifamily property website for longer which means the chatbot can collect more data on them for future use when they are ready to talk to a leasing specialist.


AI Chatbots are going to be a need and not a want for multifamily properties because consumer buying habits have changed a lot in the last few years. With Millennials and Gen Z, typically the generations that are renting, growing up in a digital world, consumers expect an automated experience that satisfies all their questions as quickly as possible. On top of that, they expect to talk to a human if that technology can’t answer their questions or they are on the next step of the buying process.


Even cars can be bought completely online with chatbot software answering consumer questions before they make a purchase. The multifamily industry tends to be slower when it comes to taking on new technology, but with new renters not just demanding it but expecting it, it’s forcing the multifamily industry to move quickly. Not to mention, the pandemic really showed multifamily the need for more virtual experiences.

Best Chatbot Sofware

The best chatbot software does all the things we mentioned above but it also seamlessly integrates with your website. It needs to look and feel like it is coming from your company and not from someone else’s. There are chatbots out there that are pretty standard and look and feel the same no matter whose website they live on.


The best chatbot platform is one that can be personalized to your brand and your property. This makes for a more personalized and connected experience for the online prospect. It leaves a better impression on them, and your property will stand out more. The best chatbot software collects detailed data as well.


By collecting better and more personalized data, chatbots make follow-up so much easier for leasing specialists. Some chatbots even take over the follow-up if that prospect is not quite ready to talk to someone on the onsite team just yet and uses that data for messaging that is personalized to what the prospect was looking at on the website. Better data also means that some chatbots have better reporting. This software should be aiding your team in their work and making your operations run more smoothly. If it’s adding more clutter to your CRM and not giving leasing specialists what they need to know before a tour or speaking to a prospect, then you need to look for another chatbot.

List of Chatbots

There are a lot of AI Chatbots and leasing tools available for multifamily and there will only be more innovation in this area of tech in the future. Most of these chatbots have add-on widgets or have built in features that have changed how multifamily can operate. Looking for a list of chatbots that are specifically catering to multifamily communities and property management companies? Some chatbots include:


  • PERQ AI Leasing Assistant
  • BetterBot
  • Yardi ChatIQ
  • ResPage


All of these chatbots have one thing in common, they are made for multifamily. However not all of them can do automated follow-up, offsite chatbot links, or have multi-option tour scheduling capabilities. For a more detailed run-down and comparison chart between these, we have a whole page dedicated to what all of these can and can’t do.


Choosing a chatbot is a serious decision. Many of these costs quite a bit and promise results that sound too good to be true. Some of these can take months to implement while others go live in a few weeks. It’s a huge time and financial commitment that will be a headache if you go with one that doesn’t suit your needs. How does PERQ stack up against the competition?

PERQ’s Chatbot and AI Leasing Assistant

PERQ’s AI Leasing Assistant includes a chatbot that lives on your website. On top of being customizable to fit your brand colors so looks like a part of your website and not an add-on, it can handle much more than the average chatbot.


For starters, PERQ is far more than just some add-on widget or single point solution, it is an entire AI Leasing Assistant solution that is ready to go to work and help your team handle leads and only hands off those who are ready to talk, tour or lease.


PERQ’s AI Leasing Assistant centralizes all the data it collected from the online prospects journey on your website. It uses that data for cleaner follow-up that is timed to be released with the given move-in timeline and allows for leasing teams to make better decisions around messaging, amenities, and marketing channels. PERQ’s AI Leasing Assistant will give you a 2x – 4x increase on qualified leads and a 40% increase on tours and lead-to-tour conversion.


Don’t just take our word for it. One of our clients, Jamin Harkness, EVP at The Management Group, has said, “we love PERQ because you help convert people. With your AI Bot, my favorite part is because we use CRM, when there’s a chat on the AI Bot, all that information goes into our CRM as a guest card. That gives us context of what was asked before we reengage with that prospect again.” 


What makes PERQ’s AI Leasing Assistant different from other chatbot or follow-up choices is that our solution is an “all in one” platform. By combining single point solutions, our AI software cohesively addresses all phases of the leasing journey to increase overall results and deliver a better renting experience that is much more cost effective to the community. Want to learn more about how PERQ can help your property?