Best Chatbot for website

How to figure out which AI Chatbot is worth the investment for your multifamily portfolio.

Automation and instant gratification. Those are the two demands that have been driving consumer habits in the last decade. Wherever you go online, it’s no surprise that most businesses have a chatbot pop up to help assist you when shopping. Even services like your phone or the internet have a chatbot to help answer questions before sending you to a specialist.


You can Google AI Chatbot and get thousands of articles, think pieces, and dozens of vendors with promises that sound too good to be true. With many businesses going in this direction, and consumers expecting it, it’s no surprise that multifamily is also entering the world of AI chatbots. Leasing AI has really taken off in the last year but with many vendors it’s a battle of the bots. Who has the best chatbot for website specific to multifamily?


On this page we will go through what to look for in a chatbot and an AI Leasing Assistant so when the time comes to pick one to invest in, you can feel confident about your choice. We’ll go over what an AI Assistant can and should be doing for your property and the different kinds of chatbots available to multifamily right now. Not all chatbots are the same, some have prompts while others don’t. Some might have responses programmed that don’t fit the tone of your property while others do.


The right investment is important because time is money. It takes a few weeks to a few months to see results of new tech. That’s a lot of time, and a lot of potential leads, that goes to waste if the tech you invest in doesn’t work out for you. Let’s dive into the world of AI chatbots and what to look for as a multifamily property and apartment community.

Apartment Leasing Chatbot

Looking for an apartment leasing chatbot can be time consuming and cost a lot of money. Some offer free trials and demos but depending on how long those last, you may not be able to get conclusive results. What should an AI Chatbot do anyway? Let’s start with the property website.


Most chatbots are packaged as part of some sort of a leasing AI Assistant. An AI Leasing Assistant lives on your website and its purpose is to be engaging, interactive, and collect data on the prospect. There has been a dramatic increase in online leads and traffic for multifamily properties that hasn’t slowed down. Not all of these “leads” are even leads. In the words of Dalia Kalgreen, Director of Marketing at Unified Residential, they’re just “looky-loos”. Casual online browsing that isn’t serious about moving or even leasing.


An AI Leasing Assistant should be able to filter through those trash leads and only hand off quality leads to the onsite team. It should also be handling the lead nurture and follow-up effectively. After all, the AI Assistant needs to be helping your onsite teams with the immense workload casual online viewers have created and not creating more work for them. Now that we understand on a basic level what the chatbot should be doing on your site and with lead management let’s get into one of the most obvious aspects, talking to the chatbot.

Chatbot Platform Comparison

What are the best chatbots to talk to? How does a chatbot even respond? This is where rule-based vs natural language comes into play. Some chatbots are rule based as in the user must go through prompts to get the answers they are looking for while natural language is where the user can directly message the bot and it messages back.


With rule based you have comfort in knowing exactly what the bot is asking but it takes so much longer for the user to get the answer they are looking for. It can be a frustrating experience. Have you ever called customer service and gotten a robot menu? This is the exact same concept. That frustration of going through the menu that a lot of the time doesn’t have an option for what you’re looking for is the same frustration that rule based chatbots can create with users as well.


Natural language bots are much quicker at getting to the point and answering prospect questions. The AI Leasing Assistant keeps those messages in the prospect’s guest card so that onsite teams can see the conversations the prospect has already had when it comes to what they are looking for at that property. All of this impacts your lead to lease conversion. A more efficient chatbot that is easy for prospects to use and gives the onsite team insightful data has shown to dramatically impact lead to lease.

Lead to Lease Conversion

How does all of this improve your lead to lease conversion? An AI Leasing Assistant that creates a more engaging website means that prospects are staying on it longer and viewing more pages. This allows for it to collect even more insightful and valuable data to hold onto for when it’s time to hand off the lead to a leasing agent.

Contract Signed

Along with better data comes better follow-up. PERQ’s AI Leasing Assistant gives you the option to personalize your follow-up to be branded in your company colors and uses your brand voice. It also knows when to send a message and when to pull back. After all this work, it would be a shame to annoy the prospect with too many messages. Since only qualified leads are handed off, onsite teams have more time to work on those relationships and can personalize the tour and their conversations with the data the AI Assistant provides.


Unified Residential saw their website traffic conversion increase by 3X and their lead to tour by over 83% in the first 60 days of using the AI Leasing Assistant. Before this, Dalia Kalgreen noted that they were only able to convert 2% of their website traffic. The Assistant keeps online visitors engaged and nurtured through automated follow-up that isn’t stiff. This means that the onsite teams at Unified are able to see more qualified leads and tours with less distractions. They even are able to spend time on keeping current residents happy and work on resident retention as the Assistant can handle the influx of online leads.

Leasing AI

The best chatbot software is one that gives you insightful data, is easy to talk to from a user perspective, and can handle nurturing leads while knowing which ones are ready to talk to a person. PERQ’s AI Leasing Assistant can do all of this and the proof is in the results. Cecilia Smoyer, Assistant Property manager at Unified’s Karric Place of Dublin says, “PERQ leads are more reliable since they screen people beforehand and write down exactly what they want. PERQ leads are the ones where the people are interested in setting up a tour and talking to us.”


Along with better follow-up and a more engaging website, the leasing AI that PERQ’s Assistant is powered by also allows for direct experience links from other marketing channels like and ILS. It’s important to remember the leads that come through from an ILS because they’re experience with your property is impacted by what they’ve seen on those sites. PERQ’s AI Leasing Assistant also allows for a textable number that can be used on those sites so those leads can still engage with the chatbot, who can still gather data on them, even if they never go to your property website.


Interested in seeing what the AI Leasing Assistant can do for your properties? Talk to one of our specialists today.