Regal House Outlet Continues to Drive Sales with Online Scheduler After Re-Opening

Regal House Outlet Continues to Drive Sales with Online Scheduler After Re-Opening



Debra Holden, Owner of Regal House Outlet, worked hard all spring to continue to process orders and deliver furniture to her customers in Fairhaven, MA. Despite needing to close her physical location due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Holden and her team have done everything they can to keep bringing furniture to the home’s of their customers.


One of the new ways Holden learned to help customers while the location was closed, was by offering consultations on their website using PERQ.


Regal House Outlet has been able to open up to in-store shopping yet, Holden and Wendy continue to see customers scheduling consultations and moving forward with purchases online and over the phone.




Over the last 4 months, Regal House Outlet has achieved over 54% Lead to Sale conversion of their Shop Live with a Consultant leads, resulting in over $22,000 in sales for their store.


Based on the typical monthly investment in PERQ and industry margins, that’s a return of just under 7X for consultation leads alone!


We have the information and we are able to use it to follow through with our customers over the phone, and it works!

Debra Holden, Owner


As the option for customers to shop in-store opened up, Regal House has seen both higher and lower traffic through the online scheduler. “I saw it drop off a little bit as far as inquiries but now they’ve picked up again.” Despite the infrequent patterns of customers ordering online and shopping in-store Holden plans to keep up their efforts in helping customers online, noting that many customers “like it that way instead of coming in.”


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Wendy, a for Regal House Outlet, starts every day by emailing all of her consultation leads. “I do it every morning. I check all the leads.” For each lead, Wendy looks at the contact history in PERQ CRM, and starts her email to the customer. “I check the stock to see if [the product of interest] is available to order. I let them know. I give them the dollar amount and I put it in there.”


Using the information the customer provided, Wendy is able to quickly follow-up with her leads and provide relevant information to close sales. For leads who indicate they’re ready to buy, Wendy calls right away.


“Yesterday, somebody wanted to make an appointment.” She didn’t have the item available on the floor so she called the customer. “I checked the stock, I checked the item and she actually bought the bedroom set right over the phone.”

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