5 Multifamily Conferences for Multifamily Leadership to Attend in 2023

Multifamily ConferencesMultifamily conferences are a vital aspect in the industry whether you’re multifamily leadership looking for a solution to automate and personalize your renter’s journey or if you’re part of an onsite leasing team looking for support in nurturing prospects through a lengthening rental process.

You can always catch PERQ participating at a variety of multifamily conferences because we love educating the multifamily industry on what PERQ is capable of and fostering connections with multifamily teams.

Here is our recommendation of the top 5 multifamily conferences that multifamily teams should attend in 2023 — and you’ll see PERQ — multifamily’s only standalone marketing automation platform there too!


1. Multifamily Social Media Summit

March 22-24, 2023 – The Meritage Hotel & Spa – Napa, CA

The Multifamily Social Media Summit is a three-day multifamily conference designed for property management firms that are using social media and content marketing to retain and attract new residents. This summit is geared towards senior and mid-level executives and managers in PMCs that include owners, developers, multifamily executives & managers, regional management executives & managers, and marketing professionals.

Attendees can expect business and technical topic sessions surrounding social media measurement, ROI, implementation, and more. Exhibitors and sponsors will be there for attendees to visit with and learn more about their company and products & service.

PERQ will serve as an exhibitor and attendees can:

  • Expect to learn about PERQ’s mission and core values
  • Learn how we’re automating and personalizing the renter’s journey
  • Take a look at the fun PERQ swag we’ll have
  • Schedule private time to get to know us better


2. TAA

April 19-21, 2023 – Ft. Worth Convention Center – Ft. Worth, TX

The TAA One Conference & Expo is a three-day multifamily conference that is intended for cost-effective professional development. Attendees that either recommends, influence, or are final decision makers, such as leasing professionals, owners, VPs, operations, and property/regional managers are best suited for this.

This conference offers informational seminars, a trade show, and exceptional networking opportunities. Exhibitors and sponsors will be in attendance to establish new customers and introduce new products & services.

By visiting PERQ’s booth at TAA:

  • You’ll be introduced to PERQ, multifamily’s only standalone marketing automation platform
  • Receive a product demo to see how using PERQ results in increased conversions, reduced cost per lead and lease, and time saved over other automated tools
  • Schedule some 1:1 time with us
  • Leave our booth with some PERQ goodies!


3. AIM

May 7-10, 2023 – Hyatt Regency Resort – Huntington Beach, CA

AIM – also known as the Apartment Innovation & Marketing Conference is a 4-day multifamily conference targeted toward executives who own and operates multifamily communities and the conference’s sponsors.

Guests can expect discussions that focus on marketing technology, automation, and AI, leasing technology, future tech, and ethics of personalized data-gathering, and marketing, to name a few. Besides an agenda packed with educational discussions, there will also be sponsors in attendance. Decision makers will be able to meet with sponsors, who typically specialize in marketing, software, technology, online services, etc.

When multifamily decision makers meet with representatives from PERQ, they can expect:

  • A deeper look into PERQ’s mission and how it works hand in hand with improving the multifamily rental process for prospects and PMCs
  • See how our platform uses AI to automate interactive website experiences, applies natural language chat, and personalizes nurture touches to give renters what they want through their renter’s journey
  • Schedule 1:1 time with one of our multifamily experts
  • Score some of our fun PERQ swag


4. NAA Apartmentalize 

June 7-9, 2023 – Georgia World Congress Center – Atlanta, GA

NAA also known as Apartmentalize is a three-day multifamily conference for the leaders and innovators of multifamily to come together to collaborate on ideas and solutions. This is best suited for decision makers and industry leaders mostly at a manager level or higher.

The offerings here are unique from peer-to-peer learning sessions, express meetings, seminars from speakers with an outside perspective, wellness sessions, and more. There will also be interactive networking experiences and an exhibit hall for guests to visit leading multifamily professionals and partners and network with them.

PERQ will be making an appearance as an exhibitor, and we will look forward to:

  • Catching up with you on what you’re currently doing with your renter’s journey
  • Showing you all that PERQ can do to automate and personalize your renter’s journey and turn leads to leases
  • Sending you on your way with some PERQ gifts


5. Optech

*Dates and location are yet to be announced. 

Optech is a three-day Conference & Exposition for multifamily leadership to gather and discover what’s new when it comes to technology, operations, marketing, sustainability, and telecommunications. You can also uncover tech solutions that will provide better performance, integrations, and sustainability. This conference is best for multifamily leadership decision makers, such as CEOs, COOs, CTOs, CIOs, and VPs.

Attendees can expect to sit in on thoughtful presentations surrounding important topics, such as business intelligence, innovation, marketing, technology, and more. The Expo will also be available to attendees at certain hours to visit the tech solutions at their booths and learn about their company and receive demos of products & services.

PERQ will be one of those tech solutions — come visit us to discover:

  • More about PERQ, multifamily’s only standalone marketing automation platform
  • If our solutions can solve the pains you are experiencing and advance your renter’s journey
  • A few fun things at our booth, like a giveaway to enter and pick up some PERQ swag

PERQ will also be hosting a variety of virtual webinars and social hours to continue to foster relationships with the multifamily community and create data-driven conversations surrounding relevant multifamily marketing topics with seasoned multifamily marketing professionals.

These are just a few of the influential conferences that take place in the industry. These are exceptional multifamily conferences to attend to network with other industry professionals, continue to grow your multifamily educational toolkit, and learn about the leading multifamily technology solutions and ideas in marketing and multifamily. Don’t forget to mark your calendars so you can attend these must-see conferences and visit PERQ while you’re there.

What multifamily conferences did we miss? What are your favorites to attend? Let us know by emailing me at cflores@perq.com and I’ll be sure to include it!

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Open Ecosystem Integrations Are Better for Renters, Property Management Companies, and the Multifamily Industry Alike

integrationsA guest post by Funnel Leasing on why a commitment to meaningful integrations to drive excellent experience for operators, teams, and renters is essential to the future of multifamily. 

Gone are the days of walled garden multifamily tech. They weren’t great (for anyone) while they lasted, so we are admittedly zero percent sad to see them go.

Keep reading to learn three reasons open platform architecture is better for operators, renters, and the multifamily industry.




Why open platforms are better for property management companies

We’ll say it: An elbows-out approach toward partnership, and integrations, stifles innovation for the multifamily industry. Renters and property management companies paid the cost.

Renters experienced stressful apartment shopping experiences because they had no choice in the matter. Property management companies (at no fault of their own), were forced to run their business how their tech constrained them to, instead of how they actually wanted to. Lose-lose.

Each property management company, its portfolio, and its markets have different needs and end goals. To be clear, as a tech company, we know our lane: we aren’t here to tell leasing teams how to do their job, teach you the latest TikTok trend and how it’ll change your marketing forever. We do know there is no silver bullet for property management companies. They are large, complex businesses that should be free to choose the right combination of tech partners that they think will allow them to reach their goals best.

Integrations, and a commitment to open platform architecture, ensures that tech companies shared property management company clients continue to have the best of both worlds and select the tech vendors that work best for them across their variety of needs.


Why open platforms are better for renters

Repeat after us:
Nothing is more important than the renter.
Nothing is more important than the renter.
Nothing is more important than the renter.

We feel passionate about this and for this reason, at Funnel, we architected our entire software around a single record of truth called a guest card. Meaning, that for each renter across the entire portfolio, there is one guest card. Not single guest cards at each property. Not daisy-chained together guest cards. Single guest card. Full stop.

While being customer-centric, or as well call it renter-centric, is in vogue NOW, for years it wasn’t. We know because the proof lingers in the renter’s apartment shopping journey: for decades, renters were stuck navigating a frustrating customer journey that didn’t align with modern buying patterns,

When tech vendors weren’t fully committed to working together for their shared clients, the customer journey was often clunky and disconnected. Instead of tech systems working in tandem to create the best customer experience possible for renters. They created separate systems that either didn’t work well together or didn’t work at ALL together. Key pieces of data were either duplicated, siloed, or lost altogether.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

When companies build integrations and value open platform architecture, shared clients and renters win. Renters have a seamless apartment shopping experience, not only do their questions not fall through the cracks, but their data doesn’t either. From inquiry through renewals, tech can create a seamless connected experience for the renter. AI and automation are leveraged to follow-up, answer questions, and hand off high-intent conversations to leasing teams to take to the next level. All renter preferences are parsed from communication and recorded within the renter’s guest card. In other words: tech works alongside onsite teams to create an excellent experience for renters.


Why open platforms are better for the multifamily industry

We believe a rising tide raises all ships.

If tech vendors commit to building open platforms, and integrations, then not only will tech development continue to push forward quickly. But by extension, the multifamily industry will too.

Multifamily is a small close-knit industry. At Funnel, being anything other than good partners who believe in the power of technology to drive an excellent experience — for property management companies, their teams, their renters — is off-brand.


Team up to show up for shared clients

Funnel’s Renter Management Software streamlines leasing for renters, leading property owners, and managers, this integration with PERQ is an extension of that mission.

To learn more about our partnership with PERQ, read our recent press release.

Multifamily Quarterly Analysis: Renter Journey Patterns and Paths to Conversion

renter journeyEvery quarter, PERQ analyzes tens of thousands of multifamily website sessions and prospect interactions to identify industry benchmarks and trends. Until now, multifamily marketing performance metrics have been incredibly hard to pinpoint, and PERQ’s Multifamily Quarterly Report (MQ for short) is designed to fill that gap. The quarterly cadence is also important if we are to keep up with changing consumer behaviors.

Our goal is to equip you with evidence to make confident marketing decisions, validate your recommendations to your leaders and clients, and magnify your return on spend.


Unveiling Q2/2022 data insights

This September, we’re releasing the second installment of the MQ Report, revealing findings of our Q2/2022 data study. The report, titled Prospect Engagement Across a Lengthening Renter’s Journey, reveals common patterns in a typical renter’s journey and the impact of various marketing tactics on lead capture, engagement, and conversions.

To kick things off, Maribeth Ross, PERQ’s EVP of Marketing, presented a few highlights of that analysis in a webinar. We’ve captured a few takeaways in this post – just a sampling of what you’ll find in the report, linked below.


The renter’s journey is getting longer

Today’s renter’s journey is quite long, more expedition than excursion. Those prospects we used to call “Lookie Lous” are now your standard rental prospect: slow-moving, thoughtful, inquisitive.

From the time a rental prospect becomes known to the PMC to the time they sign a lease, we’re looking at an average of 46 days, with the longest journey in our data set stretching to 194 days. About seven in ten rental prospects in our study indicated their planned move-in window was a month or more in the future. A third said their move was three or more months away, and a quarter were ready now or in the near future.


Longer journeys entail more touchpoints and opportunities to engage (or lose) prospects

Along their journey, prospects have plenty of ways to get to their destination. “There are also tons of places where the renter can fall out of the journey,” Maribeth notes.

During their search, 43% of prospects visited a property website multiple times, and engaged visitors converted to known contacts at a rate of about 20% by interacting with the website in a way that compelled them to offer their contact information.

Visitors to multifamily property websites are largely mobile: 64% of first-time visitors accessed websites via their smartphone and nearly all remaining visits happened on desktop. Interestingly, lead-to-tour conversions rose by more than 74% when visitors accessed the website multiple times using multiple devices.

“Prospects are taking more time to be thoughtful and seek out information at their own pace. Your property website and marketing touches need to be built to keep these people engaged and active over an extended period of time and on different devices,” Maribeth notes.


Turning visitors into renters

Allow us to stress the impact of your website on the renter’s journey: Our data made it clear that website leads outpaced the conversion of paid leads by more than double. That’s a staggering difference in lead quality.

So how do you get visitors to return, again and again, and progress toward conversion?


>> Delivering interactive experiences

For starters, interactive experiences beat static content, nearly tripling engagement. “When we say interactive experiences, we mean things like an interactive floor plan match widget, a virtual tour, some kind of community explorer or chatbot,” Maribeth shares.

Nurture emails and texts with personalized calls to action that tied back to interactive experiences on the website also played a key role in conversions. “Of all the tours that were scheduled over Q2 in this data set, 40% of them were people who engaged with personalized nurture outreach,” says Maribeth, stressing the content they received was customized to each recipient. “It wasn’t like an email blast. It was personalized,” she adds.


>> Building rapport and driving interest with personalization

Personalization is huge — not just according to PERQ’s MQ analysis, but also to mounting data from leading research firms like Gartner, McKinsey, and more. Put simply, consumer expectations for online brand experiences have escalated sharply since the onset of the pandemic.

“McKinsey’s research shows 71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions, and they get frustrated when that doesn’t happen. If consumers don’t like the experience they receive, it’s easier than every to just go somewhere else,” Maribeth explains. McKinsey also reports that high-growth companies attribute 40% or more of their revenue to personalization efforts.

“If you know a prospect’s preferred amenities or floor plans, for example, there’s a lot you can tailor to those interests in your communications, whether it’s an email outreach, SME nurture, and even face-to-face conversation,” says Maribeth.

Message timing is another opportunity to reflect prospect preferences. People who’ve self-reported a longer move-in time frame might need messages that are spaced out further over time than someone who’s looking to move more quickly. Channel preferences — email over SMS, for example — also offer opportunities to cater to individual prospects.


>> Satisfying the itch for instant gratification

As consumers, we’ve come to expect instant answers, often calling on Siri, Alexa or Google to navigate our daily lives and satisfy impulse questions. Multifamily property websites can provide the same satisfaction.

“The ability to converse with prospects in the middle of their journey had a lot of impact on our conversion data,” notes Maribeth. “Prospects that engaged in chat conversations or asked questions of a property website via automated chat interactions (whether on website, email or SMS) converted to a tour at a 36% rate, compared to a 16% rate without those automated conversations.

“What really stood out to me is that prospects weren’t necessarily engaging with the chatbot on their first website visit, but they were also conversing with it in other channels well into their journey, prompted by a marketing nurture touch,” Maribeth explains.

One key takeaway, she adds, is that personalized nurture plus the ability to chat across channels is a powerful combination.


Mythbusting: How many touches does it take to convert a prospect?

Old industry lore says if prospects don’t respond to three touches, don’t bother trying any further. We beg to differ: Our data shows 32% of booked tours came from prospects who had three or more nurture touches, and more than 8% of tours were scheduled after six or more personalized touches.

“The data proves that personalized nurture outreach drives substantially better leasing outcomes and needs to be sustained longer than a couple of touches. It needs to be dynamic and adjust to today’s apartment shoppers. Failure to properly nurture these leads for the length of their renter’s journey is leaving proverbial money on the table,” Maribeth advises.


A deeper look into personalization

As we looked at multifamily communities in our Q2 data set, we saw they collected quite a bit of information for each prospect: 12 data points on average. They used information to personalize their renter’s journey. Personalized data fell across these broad categories:

  • Basic contact info (e.g., name, email, phone number)
  • Detailed first-party data (self-reported preferences like move-in window, preferred bedroom or bathroom cuts, desired amenities, budget, etc.)
  • Metadata (data captured and stored in your technology systems like website visits, traffic sources, devices used, duration of session, etc.)


Below are examples of simple personalization:


  • First Name: Use their name in nurture outreach
  • Move-in window: Use to create urgency in copy of nurture outreach
  • Pet preference: Use to send them info about how your community supports pets
  • Preferred floor plan: Use to send them a reminder about a floor plan they loved
  • Website activity: Use to determine the next best step for them to take on your website to move along the renter’s journey


Granted, before you can personalize communications, you must be able to collect and deploy it with ease. To benefit prospects and marketers alike, your prospect data needs to be easily queried so you can send the right message to the right people at the right time.


Diving deeper into actionable insights


We’ve covered a lot of ground so far, and there’s plenty more to explore. We invite you to catch the full webinar presentation and download your copy of the MQ report to deepen your understanding of elements that can supercharge your marketing outcomes.

Watch the presentation below!

Grab your copy of the latest Multifamily Quarterly Report, Prospect Engagement Across a Lengthening Renter’s Journey, today!

Integration Spotlight: Frictionless Leasing With Funnel + PERQ

Funnel integrationWe’re big advocates of tech integrations, automations, and open platforms to meet the demands of today’s renters and multifamily marketing teams. With that in mind, we’re committed to building a platform that “plays well with others” — a must-have capability for operating efficiently in today’s environment.

As it happens, the folks at Funnel Leasing feel the same. Talk about a match made in multifamily heaven: Funnel Leasing, the industry’s only Renter Management Software platform, and PERQ, the Multifamily Automation Platform with personalization.

PERQ’s AI solution integrates with Funnel to provide AI-powered, personalized lead nurture at scale, building rapport with rental prospects and nudging them closer to a “yes” through every step of their leasing journey. Together, the PERQ-Funnel integration automates top-of-funnel activities, converting leads in a more cost-effective manner and elegantly hands them off to the onsite team when they’re agent-ready, simplifying lead management using a single guest card system. 

The resulting flexibility opens the door to more compelling experiences, both for rental prospects and for on-site teams.

“Integrations like this not only make finding a new apartment easier for renters, they also demonstrate PropTech companies giving property management companies the freedom to run their business with the right solutions for their portfolio, their team, and in general how they want,” said Lianna O’Brien, Lead Product Manager at Funnel. “Funnel’s renter-centric (single guest card) architecture and PERQ’s personalized lead nurturing work hand in hand to ensure leads are followed up in a meaningful way that makes renters feel ‘at home’ from the first click or text.”

Scott Hill, CEO and co-founder of PERQ, agrees: “We’re proud to partner with Funnel to bring the multifamily market a solution that provides on-site teams with the renter management software they need, while also providing automated and personalized nurture experiences that drive higher lead conversion and a better renting experience for consumers.”

Browse PERQ integration partners and request a demo!

Multifamily Quarterly Report Reveals Renter Journey Patterns & Drivers for Marketing Performance

renter journeyFor multifamily marketers, it can be hard to gauge how their marketing program stacks up against industry peers or evolving renter behaviors. 

What’s the industry average for the goals I’m pursuing?

For teams who are “killing it” with lead generation, what’s driving their results?

What variables consistently grow multifamily conversions or reduce costs?

What renter behaviors must I plan for and cater to?

What’s changed in recent months, and what does it mean for my marketing investments?

PERQ’s Multifamily Quarterly Report — MQ for short — is designed to answer those questions, and more.

A performance guide for multifamily marketers, the MQ dissects tens of thousands of multifamily website sessions and prospect interactions via email and SMS to reveal industry benchmarks and emerging trends. As the report name implies, PERQ repeats that analysis every quarter so insights are always relevant to what’s happening in the industry now.

What do these metrics mean for your multifamily marketing goals as you head into the second half of 2022?

We’d love to tell you.

The latest MQ installment, titled Prospect Engagement Across a Lengthening Renter’s Journey, focuses on Q2/2022 data, revealing:

  • The length of a typical renter’s journey and its impact on multifamily marketing and sales approaches. 
  • How rental prospects are using multifamily property websites, and what they expect to find to make their rental decision.
  • Most effective tactics for keeping prospects engaged as they explore rental options.
  • Data and technology implications of longer renter journeys and changing expectations.
  • Measurable impact of personalization on engagement and conversions.

Truly, it’s such great intel to supercharge your marketing performance and validate your recommendations to your leadership team.

You can access those insights before the report is released by joining us for a live webinar on September 14, 12:00–1:00 p.m. (EST)! Maribeth Ross, PERQ’s EVP of Marketing, will walk through highlights of our Q2 analysis and answer your questions.

Register here! You’ll still receive a recording if you can’t attend live, plus have first access to the report once it’s released.

We can’t wait to share what we’ve learned. Here’s to a profitable Q3 & Q4!