Why Do Consumers Engage With Text-to-Enter?

By: Felicia Savage

For those who are unfamiliar, PERQ’s texting option (also known as text-to-enter) is an add-on service that can be added to a brand’s existing marketing channels. This also happens to include traditional marketing channels like television, radio, billboards, etc. With the texting add-on, consumers can text a number and gain access to a microsite via their smartphone in order to enter a contest or giveaway.


Here at PERQ, one of the main reasons why we’re often so successful at facilitating promotions is because we find innovative ways to boost engagement between brands and consumers. And one such service that helps us do this, of course, is PERQ’s texting option. Here are 3 reasons why our texting option helps with consumer engagement:


Text-to-Enter Numbers Can Be Placed Anywhere


As mentioned a moment ago, text-to-enter numbers can be added to ANY channels you wish – both advertising channels we offer as well as traditional advertising channels like television, radio, billboards, etc. Any place your heart desires, really! Being able to place your text-to-enter information anywhere helps boost engagement because you’re getting the message out to an assortment of buyers who prefer certain channels to others.


Additionally, you’re also providing those buyers with an accessible way for them to enter a contest or giveaway. This can be especially helpful for brands that choose traditional advertising channels. After all, there’s no digital call-to-action a buyer can click on when driving past a billboard. If a text-to-enter number is on a highway billboard, drivers can text that number (when they aren’t driving, of course) and enter the dealership’s contest or giveaway. These buyers are interacting with your dealership without even stepping foot into the showroom. In fact, these buyers are often multi-tasking because they’re doing something else in the process.


Texting is EASY


Considering 81% of consumers use their cell phones to send and receive texts; and 63% of them own a cell phone that can go online, it’s safe to assume that texting is super easy for most folks. Once a consumer sees a text-to-enter number on a billboard, in-store banner or television ad, all they need to do is whip out the smartphone, text the number and they get a link to a mobile-friendly microsite. There’s nothing complicated about the process and that’s why so many consumers are inclined to enter — especially since most users constantly have their smartphones on-hand no matter what they’re doing. And along with being super easy, users get immediate satisfaction once they’ve entered the contest or giveaway.


Again, they’ve interacted with your dealership without ever entering your showroom… and believe me when I say this isn’t negative. The microsite experience often provides a number of incentives for users: text drive gift cards, “come in to see what you’ve won,” etc.


Buyer Information Enters the CRM


The last and, arguably, most important reason for the text-to-enter add-on boosting engagement is buyer information immediately being transferred into your CRM. Like in-store kiosks and non-mobile online microsites, information that comes from a mobile microsite still enters your CRM; and that means more leads for you to follow-up with. Any information that’s been collected can be used to initiate a meaningful discussion between you and your potential buyers.