5 Training Secrets Every Leasing Team Should Know from a Certified NALP Trainer

By: Ibby Ahmed

Recent grad from Indiana University with a passion for content creation, an adorable pup named Suki, and a newfound love of creating multifamily TikToks.

A few weeks back, Katrina Greene, Senior Regional Property Manager at Sheehan Residential and a certified NALP Trainer, sat down with PERQ EVP, Muhamad Yasin, and spilled all the details on effectively training your leasing teams. This is what we learned. 


  • Training is a process, not an event. 
  • Use tools to help your team
  • Be knowledgeable.
  • Be human, even over the phone or under a mask  
  • Say yes!


By applying these secrets, any leasing team can be successful and here’s how you do it. 


Training is a Process not an Event 


Greene explains that training should be viewed as an ongoing process. The initial training day or week should be the introduction, but to be successful, the behaviors learned will have to be continually practiced. To do this, set up regular check-in’s with agents, pair new agent with veterans, or provide tools to aid the agent during their calls. 


Use Tools to Help Your Team


Finding the right tools is key for your team’s success. Greene says that she uses tools like Snagit, to help record short clips of phone calls for review sessions. Greene’s team also uses a system that allows leasing agents to listen to each other’s phone calls. No call is off limits and recordings are used to reinforce what’s working and identify opportunities for improvement. 


Be Knowledgeable and Earn the Right to Sell


By demonstrating knowledge, the leasing agent will earn the right to sell to the prospective renter. The renter has often done their own research, so the leasing agent needs to be knowledgeable of what is available and provide the renter with the amount of detail needed to make the sale. 


Be Human, Even Over the Phone or Under a Mask 


Connecting on a personal level can be difficult when you are speaking with a mask covering half of your face or if you are speaking with renters over the phone. Over exaggerate when you are speaking over the phone or simply make a joke when you are wearing your mask and ensure your prospect that you are in fact smiling! 


Say Yes! 


Oftentimes, leasing agents forget to say yes! Don’t be afraid to say yes, listen to the needs of the renter, and say yes when you have options that work for them. Don’t get stuck offering units or amenities you don’t have. 


If you want to learn more from Katrina’s lunch and learn, check out our full recap blog HERE. 


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