Share a Coke with… Interactive Content

By: Felicia Savage

Interactive content is becoming more and more popular by leaps and bounds – and that means the number of brands producing interactive content is skyrocketing. Many of the nation’s most influential brands have caught wind of content marketing’s latest evolution, and have been releasing some of the highest quality interactive content around. One of the most popular interactive content campaigns to date has been Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” project – namely their use of to compliment the overarching campaign.


One could go on and on and on about how or why Coca-Cola’s latest interactive content venture is so popular, but there are at least a few concrete reasons we can mention as to why the campaign was (and still is) so successful. Here are the 3 conclusions I came to:


Use of Virtual and Physical Platforms


When the majority of us think of interactive content, they think of online games, surveys, mobile apps – anything that’s digital, really. What’s awesome about Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign is that it spans across virtual (digital) and physical (non-digital) platforms. “Share a Coke” originally gained traction in stores back in 2014; when random names were placed on random coke bottle labels. Folks would rush to their local grocery and convenient stores hoping they’d find their name (or a friend’s name) on the bottles. Realizing that they wouldn’t get everyone’s name, they bought the domain and built an app that allowed consumers to send “virtual bottles” to friends via social media, suggest possible names for future in-store labels and even purchase your own customized bottle of coke. Whether through individual customization or suggestions, consumers have the opportunity to mold the Coca-Cola brand into what they want it to be. It’s a win-win for both parties!


The Theme is Universal


Aside from giving consumers “a voice,” another reason why the campaign has been so successful is that the campaign is universal. No matter your how old you are or where you come from, friendship is something that’s experienced by everyone – and on that note, sharing is equally universal. Not only is Coca-Cola’s engaging with its consumers, but also it’s encouraging its consumers to reconnect with people they care about. Social networks like Facebook & Twitter are so successful because it’s a platform to interact with people who possess the same interests and passions as you. Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign does just the same. And the fact that you can virtually share a coke from their website only reinforces how important real, human connections are to interactive content.


It’s an Influential Campaign



The “Share a Coke” campaign spread like wildfire almost overnight. As more and more consumers “share” coke products with their friends (pictures, physical bottles, virtual bottles), the more popular the campaign continues to become. However, this “wildfire” popularity primarily stemmed from the fact that the campaign was a challenging scavenger hunt. And like most scavenger hunts, there will be mild frustrations when you aren’t able to find what you want.


To add levity to the situation, people took to meme generators to create pictures that expressed their mild frustrations in a humorous manner. What’s so powerful about these generated memes is that, like this campaign, memes can be shared and people will often relate to them. Once a meme is shared, it also spreads like wildfire; and that message eventually gets across to marketers who initiated the campaign. Why do you think there are customizable bottles? People voiced their opinions on AND through shared pictures


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