Multifamily Data: Learn How Your Marketing Performance Reporting Compares to Industry Peers

Engagement Across the Consumer Journey Report including marketing performance reporting graphic

Those prospective renters you’re trying to reach? They’re making decisions differently these days.

As the multifamily landscape shifts, The Multifamily Quarterly (MQ) report was created as a “wilderness guide” of sorts, giving multifamily pros a place to turn for metrics and insights on emerging trends, so you’re better equipped to deliver a compelling journey for renters.

To that end, we’ve scoured metrics on tens of thousands of multifamily website sessions in the first quarter of 2022 and analyzed their variables to pinpoint industry benchmarks. We’ll repeat that exercise each quarter, giving you a reliable source for quarterly multifamily marketing benchmarks.

No longer will you be left to wonder how your performance compares with your industry peers. Instead, our intent is that the MQ will help you clarify strengths, gaps, and your next steps.

In short, the MQ provides benchmarks in the report that include the following important metrics:

  • Lead source attribution breakdown
  • Average time from web visit to tour
  • Lead-to-lease conversions across lead sources
  • Lead-to-tour conversions across lead sources
  • Average time spent on website and what increases it
  • Email open rates for different email formats
  • Performance of lead nurture outreach across different channels

What do these metrics mean for your multifamily marketing program? And what variables consistently tip the scales toward higher conversions, lower costs, less time and effort across the industry?

We’d love to tell you. By completing the form below, you’ll receive the Q1 2022 MQ Report, plus subsequent reports each time metrics are updated.