A Great Leasing Agent’s Best Tool

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Leasing teams are overwhelmed with high lead volumes and figuring out which leads to pursue and when. AI Leasing Assistants can save your team hours of time by taking some of the tedious and mundane tasks off their plate. The leasing team will be equipped with all the data they need to make prospects feel at home with real time reporting that AI assistants send straight to CRM’s.


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Additional Multifamily Resources

  • Many property management companies have transformed their websites into their No. 1 leasing tool by adding AI technology and marketing automation.
  • Virtual leasing became essential in the last year, and the multifamily industry had no choice but to adapt. However, the advanced AI technology and automation make closing a deal on a signed lease more important than before. Read how PERQ helps with this.
  • PERQ helps property websites present an excellent first impression for new potential renters by giving them essential information and piquing their interest.
  • PERQ helps your business take advantage of online leads with automated AI Leasing tools to collect more insightful data without burdening your Team of leasing specialists.