What Lead Follow-Up Advice Do You Offer your Sales Staff?

Regardless of which digital tools your company uses to maximize lead conversions, successful lead nurturing strategies all boil down to personalization, timing, and being helpful and courteous.

“I think the key is speed, transparency and being kind,” says David Kain, an automotive internet marketing expert who sold cars for 20 years at his family’s dealership. “If you are nice and give them the information they’re looking for, people are so grateful.”

Don’t let your sales teams be lost when it comes to lead follow-up. We asked the pros: What’s your best lead follow-up advice?

Personalize Your Interactions with Consumers

A: “My teams keep each other informed about conversations surrounding the prospect’s needs, wants, and about their general situation,” says Katrina Greene, the Senior Property Manager of Sheehan Property Management. “I think people love it when they walk in and say who they are, and anyone in the office can say, ‘Oh, you’re the one with the dog named Taco.’ I love that. It gives them a sense of personalization and immediately lets the customer know our communication between team members is on point.”

Greene also stresses communicating with clients before, during and after tours using text messaging to convey small snippets of information, because that’s how people communicate with friends and family in their daily lives. Plus it’s less likely to be as disruptive as getting several phone calls or getting lost in the shuffle like most sales-driven emails.

Communication on the Customer’s Terms

A: “No matter what stage of the buying journey they’re in, it’s all about communicating with the customer on the customer’s terms,” says Frank Lopes, vice president of FB Digital and Forrest & Blake Marketing & Advertising. “If they say they’re more comfortable with email, then you email them back. More comfortable with text, you text them back.”

“What you want to do is always try to convert them to the next level of engagement. You always want to try and make the engagement as personal as possible,” Lopes says. 

Follow Up Within 24 Hours

A: “If you don’t invest in your team and emphasize that it’s important to reach out to these leads and explain how to do it, [lead generation solutions] are a waste of money,” says Jordan Barrick of Quality Furniture. He says his store’s furniture and appliance salespeople are expected to call online leads within 24 hours to introduce themselves, offer assistance, and let them know they’ll also be receiving an email follow-up, “otherwise they forget they filled anything out online.”