A Guide for Lead Generation and Lead Management Plan Development

Similar to your smartphone app that delivers detailed driving directions, retailers can guide consumers on their buying journey with a lead management plan that personalizes the online shopping experience and helps consumers avoid detours. For many consumers, the online interactions they experience matter as much as the final destination. Instead of asking shoppers to follow a road to nowhere, get the conversation started online by using your website to engage consumers with helpful information, and lead them to a thoughtful purchasing decision.

Get Quality Leads with Online Guided Shopping

Websites with AI and other interactive technologies help retailers collect details about each visitor, such as which pages and products they looked at, where they spent the most time, what calls-to-action they clicked on, and how they prefer to be contacted.

Online guided shopping software allows consumers to personalize their research through interactive tools, such as trade-in comparison tools on auto dealer websites, mattress assessments on home furnishing websites, and rental expense calculators on multifamily housing websites. The shopper gets helpful information to assist them in making a buying decision, while your sales team gets detailed lead information. This makes lead management processes much more efficient as there is insightful data ready to use and platforms like PERQ use AI to understand when that lead is ready to hand off to the CRM with said data. A cleaner CRM full of only qualified leads means leasing teams can work more efficiently and increases lead to lease conversion.

Nurture Leads with Personalization and Automation

What is lead management once the lead has interacted with the tools on your website? The best multifamily lead management plan requires personalization, optimal timing and a focus on being helpful. Adopting technology to automate lead follow-up doesn’t mean forgoing a personalized approach. Instead, interactive technology captures detailed information about the consumer, which emboldens your team.

By tracking customers across multiple touchpoints and delivering helpful content at each stage of the buying journey, your team can have personalized messaging, and even provide incentives to buy the exact item shoppers searched for online. 

Improve Conversion Rates with Online Lead Management

With PERQ, your property will have a complete solution to help funnel down only the high-intent, quality leads to your CRM while handling the rest of your pipeline. This has helped free onsite teams over 160 hours of work and helps properties increase their website conversion. Unified Residential uses PERQ’s platform on a number of their properties across their portfolio. Unified has seen their website conversion increase 3X and their lead to tour increase from around 50% to over 83%. Sounds amazing, right?

PERQ’s platform includes a natural language chatbot that engages with prospects 24/7 and answers all of their questions so the leasing team won’t have to. PERQ uses leasing AI to collect insightful data, give real-time reporting, and will continue to nurture leads further down the pipeline so your leasing team doesn’t have to worry about it.