Elevate Your Renter’s Journey By Solving These Multifamily Challenges

The multifamily industry, like many other industries, is always evolving. One aspect that remains constant is multifamily properties’ desire to provide their prospects with a seamless renter’s journey and discover the best solutions to do so.

To ensure you are providing your prospective renters with the best journey possible, let’s discuss four important challenges multifamily PMCs are currently facing that can be solved with an automation solution, such as the PERQ platform.

Challenge #1: Call Centers Are PMCs Number One Answer To Help Alleviate Responsibilities

It is no secret that PMCs are seeing more demand from prospects for their rental properties. Aside from prospects wanting to tour properties, they want quick answers and a more personalized experience. Onsite teams can only do so much to nurture their prospects and convert them into leads, as well as all the other countless responsibilities that are tacked on to their everyday schedules. PMCs are leaning into call centers as their go-to solution to take over many of these responsibilities. This way their onsite teams can focus on their other tasks at hand and continue to keep their prospective renters happy.

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However, just as quickly, multifamily PMCs are finding out that call centers are very costly, and in the age of the “great resignation” may also be struggling to handle the call volume. So they are not always the better solution, just the more expensive one. Here at PERQ, we believe there is a better answer out there than utilizing call centers to provide you with better benefits for both your properties and prospects and it comes in the form of AI automation for multifamily marketing.

Challenge #2: PMCs Think They Need More Leads When They Actually Need More Qualified Leads.

You’ve heard it before: onsite teams complaining that they need more leads. Well, what they need is more tours to get the leases you need. And that means the quality of the leads is more important than the quantity. But, the question that remains is how can properties get the qualified leads they need. The answer is simple: you can get better quality leads by automating l the management of your leads with a solution, such as the PERQ platform.

Automation can nurture the leads and hand them off to your onsite teams when prospects are ready to tour your property and talk to your leasing team. This means you are actively spending efforts on those ready to tour and lease.

What about low-intent leads that are not yet qualified? Those will remain in the automation system to be nurtured until they are agent-ready and are passed to the property onsite team. Using an automation platform, such as PERQ, provides you with qualified leads only and saves you time and spend, so your team is no longer chasing unqualified leads.

Challenge #3: The Website Isn’T A Good Source For Leads.

If you believe that your website isn’t a good source for leads, the time is right to automate your lead management. Your website actually has the potential to be the #1 best source for leads. Data shows that prospects are repeatedly perusing websites of multifamily properties they are interested in to get information when onsite teams are unavailable. They are researching those properties on their own timetable, browsing through the floorplans and amenities, looking for answers to their burning questions.

When you provide them with compelling onsite experiences, you engage them further.  Automation, like PERQ, integrates with your website to provide interactive experiences for your prospects, conversational AI via a website chatbot, and goes further to automate the nurturing of website visitors until they are ready to tour without your team lifting a finger.

Automation remembers pertinent details about site visitors, recommends the next best steps, and welcomes visitors back by name at a scale a team never could. When done right, interactive experiences increase website engagement, create a better prospect experience, and drive higher lead to lease conversion of these prospects.

Challenge #4: You Can’t Measure Source Attribution.

Being unable to measure your lead source attribution is a known challenge for multifamily properties and leaves you missing important data for your business. Attribution is not easily measurable because the lead source is often marked manually by team members (not reliable) or will only indicate “website” but not include the source that sent them to the website. Some PMCs try to use multiple systems to track all of the source data down.

This can be another reason to incorporate PERQ into your marketing efforts, so you can gain access to this important data in one place so you can efficiently use it to your advantage.

With the PERQ automation platform, you’ll receive source attribution data, tracked through the entire renter’s journey. When you have this information, you can look into the effectiveness of your spend by lead source, so you can reduce costs, meet revenue goals, and defend proposed business strategies. Because we also track all the information we get on renters from our interactive website experiences and chat sessions, we give important visibility of the demand of future renters and price points for possible rent increases.

In summary, as the multifamily industry evolves, multifamily marketers also need to evolve to meet the expectations of rental prospects as their demands and behaviors change. If your team struggles with any of these challenges we discussed today, then it’s the perfect time to incorporate the PERQ platform into your website and lead sources.

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