Optimize Your Website to Help You Through the Pandemic

By: Lauren Spears

Event marketing genius, Lauren loves volleyball and creating meaningful engagement with our clients and prospects.

This is the time to make your website work even harder for your company. It’s the first source of information for most people and you want it to be up-to-date and informative. There are several key ways to optimize your website.



Add Your COVID-19 Statement to your Website

There is a patchwork of stay-at-home orders around the nation. One county may be ordering only essential travel, while another says it’s business as usual. Consumers are also confused about what businesses are considered “essential” and are open. 


Let your shoppers know what your store’s plans are during the COVID-19 pandemic by adding a COVID-19 statement to your homepage. It should be the first thing they see. 


Keep your shoppers up-to-date and make them knowledgeable about whether you are open, any reduced hours and how you will connect with shoppers and keep them safe. Offering free delivery on web or phone orders? Is curbside pick-up available? Can documents be signed electronically? That should be clear in your policy statement. 



Make User Connection Simple Online

Make technology work for you. Ensure your website has the means to connect with your potential customers. Enable live chat bots, easily show direct lines of contact on your website, and equip your team with text messaging. 


Consider using a virtual scheduling tool to set up video consultations or tours with a member of your sales team. PERQ just launched a Virtual Consultation Scheduler as part of its Marketing Cloud to help retailers weather the coronavirus outbreak. 


Make connecting with your shoppers as easy as possible during this time to capture leads and turn them into sales. 



Prioritize Digital Experiences 

You’ve spruced up your website to make policies clear and connection simple. But, how are you getting customers to your site? You also need to take action to make getting to your website easy and focus on ways to draw potential customers there. Here are some areas to focus on: 

  • Use website conversion software like interactive quizzes and assessments to help shoppers narrow their choices
  • Lean into SEO
  • Post on social media with links to your website and boost visually-appealing posts
  • Run digital advertising linking shoppers back to your website


Your biggest asset during social distancing is the company website. Be sure you are using it effectively.


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