Text Messaging: The Easy Way to Connect

Let’s face it. Most of us walk around with our phones in our hands or at arms-reach the majority of the time. Don’t overlook the easiest way to connect with your customers, text messaging. But, being easy doesn’t mean you should do it without forethought and planning. 

Make Texting Personal 

This is your chance to really connect with the person. Plan your first message in advance and make it memorable. 

Just because you are using technology where you can’t see or hear the customer, don’t forget you are still talking with a person. Make it personal. Use their name, and suggest information based on previous conversations. Don’t be a robot! 

Be Professional

You aren’t texting your friends. While it’s important to sound friendly and connect with the customer, you need to be sure all texts are professional. 

Try not to use texting abbreviations when communicating over text. Spell out your words and phrases. Write complete sentences and punctuate. All it takes to turn off some customers is a misspelled word or an incorrect phrase. Not sure you have everything right? Run it by a colleague or spell-check it on a computer. 

A tasteful emoji here or there is fine, but don’t overuse them. Limit them to a thumbs-up or smiley face. Your texts shouldn’t look like an 8-year-old got hold of your phone. 

Offer VIP Deals through Text

Texting is a great way to offer VIP deals. 

Special discounts or deals make your consumers feel special during this time and like you’re taking care of them. The pleasant feeling VIP deals give customers may just be enough to close your own deal.