How Can Texting Help Your Multi-Channel Efforts?

By: Felicia Savage

By now, it should be pretty evident that multi-channel promotions are a fantastic way to improve brand recognition and engagement. When brands provide the same cohesive message across multiple marketing channels (direct mail, banner ads, television, etc.), the message remains top-of-mind for consumers; and that means engaging with those brands sooner (Ex: filling out a form on the microsite or visiting your showroom.).


Now, did you know that there’s a way you can further improve upon your multi-channel efforts? With PERQ’s “text-to-enter” option add-on, brands can take the channels they’re already using and make them even more interactive. Here’s how:

Increase Response Rates on Marketing Channels

Whether it’s direct mail, targeted display or print, there’s almost always a call-to-action that leads them to an online microsite or in-store kiosk. While these CTA’s are all perfectly effective, adding a “text to enter” option can help boost your promotion’s response rate even more. Because texting is such a quick and easy thing almost everyone can do, consumers can enter contests or access promotional information within seconds. It’s often the sheer ease of access and instant satisfaction that entices consumers to text.


One thing you might consider doing is adding your text-to-enter information onto an in-store banner or outdoor sign in order to further increase consumer engagement.


Tracking Responses

Along with increasing the response of your various marketing channels, you can use our analytics dashboard to track registrations. Not only will this give you an idea of how effective your advertisements actually are, but those completed registrations would give brands the opportunity to learn more about your consumers and what they’re legitimately interested in.


To learn more about how PERQ’s “Text to Enter” add-on can help your multi-channel promotions, visit or call an account rep at 800.873.3117.