Amenities Redefined

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We know what renters want when it comes to amenities in their unit. In fact we have data to back it up. When it comes to your property, however, many of the amenities you provide have either gotten shut down due to restrictions or aren’t equipped to handle the new ways people are socializing. So what do renters want from your property now that everything has changed?


High Demand


The amenities that have come out in high demand this year are:

  • High-Speed Internet
  • Home Office Space
  • Private Outdoor Areas
  • Valet Trash & Recycling Services
  • Touchless Systems


It’s no surprise with more people working from home and more jobs becoming remote permanently that high-speed internet and home office space are high up on the list. High-speed internet is sort of a no brainer at this point. Everything and anything is online and a bad internet connection leads to bad reviews.


When building or renovating, keep in mind that you can create private office spaces that you can rent out to your residents. This is especially appealing if your property has a lot of 1-bedroom units and units on the smaller end. Private outdoor areas are also great for the work from home crowd since it gives the option to get some fresh air. Most multifamily properties don’t have backyards for their renters so a private outdoor area is also great for people who are trying to have a safe small gathering outside but have a smaller unit.




Rethinking the design of current clubhouses or shared spaces in your property is also another way that you can create amenities that fit what renters want without having to renovate. For example, you could space out seating, highlight air-purification systems and invest in multipurpose convertible furniture so renters can have more ways to use the space.


If you are building or renovating, keep in mind that a large open floor plan for these sorts of spaces are wanted by prospects and renters. This helps the space have more flexibility in what it can be used for and keeps your property more prepared if we ever have to come to a stop again.


Renters are looking for properties that can keep amenities open safely because the space itself is designed and able to be used that way. Creating and changing your properties amenities to meet this need isn’t just for this year. Renters that work from home want to be able to leave their unit and have something to do and some place to do it in. With more remote work and learning, your property will need to be able to show renters that they can do it all at your property and still be safe.




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