A Strategic Approach to Balancing Work and Life: Defining and Realizing Your Vision

By: Andy Medley

In my last post, I talked about how I define my personal and professional mission statements and how I use a set of values—or “rules”—to help govern and achieve my greater mission. In this post, I want to speak to something equally crucial to my journey in enjoying my business and my life to their fullest: the vision statement.


In business, a vision statement is how your organization wants to be perceived by the world. It shapes your understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish while serving as your biggest hope—your primary dream.


Mission and vision can be easily confused at times. Know that the mission statement answers the question, “Why do we exist?” and a vision statement answers the question, “Where do we want to go?”


So, for those of you still with me and willing to continue down this path, let’s dive into creating your personal vision statement.


The Vision Is My Long-Term Goal


My personal vision is to build a platform through business that allows me to open opportunities for my family, friends, and those needing a boost with the aspiration of helping them realize their dreams.


This motivates me to no end, and it’s what drives me in every activity I do. And know that it was hell trying to write it. In fact, it took more than a year of tweaking for me to feel comfortable with it. I would leave it alone for a month, then come back to it, tweak it, then let it rest. One day it clicked and I knew I was done.


Now, my vision is ingrained in me, and if I don’t consistently seek it out, I feel like I’m failing for not trying. This is a replacement for trying to lead a “balanced life.” My personal vision is the measuring stick for how I spend my time and what I am trying to accomplish.


For me, there is comfort in having decided why I exist (mission) and where I want to go with my life (vision). It’s that clarity in purpose that makes my daily decisions much easier to navigate. I am either getting closer to my vision or I’m not. I am either holding true to my mission, or I am not. As you can probably tell, there is little grey in my world…only black and white. What can I say?


At PERQ, we live by our vision of being the world’s leader in incentivized marketing. Every KPI, goal, and activity is based on reaching this vision. Why should your personal life be different?


One last thought on vision statement: it can change over time. You add to it, accomplish certain aspects of it—but the next step is to enjoy what you’ve created once you feel like it is time for another one. So, don’t worry if you look at it and realize it won’t resonate for your entire life. It probably won’t. That’s normal. Your mission probably will hold true, but the vision is typically a five- to seven-year kind of thing.


In my next post, I’ll wrap up and get into the specifics of executing your mission, your values, and your vision.