[Upcoming Webinar] How to Run a Successful Multi-Channel Promotion1 min read

Felicia Savage Administrator

latestWith the ever-increasing number of new advertising channels sprouting up, marketers are quickly beginning to embrace the power of multi-channel promotions — the implementation of marketing strategies that utilize several marketing channels instead of just one.


Big brands like Burger King, H&R Block and Taco Bell (just to name a few) recently launched their own multi-channel promotions and have already proven how beneficial they can truly be. Through Facebook advertising, coupon clippers, YouTube ads, television commercials and more, these brands were able to remain top-of-mind and draw in tons of consumers to their promotions.


Here at PERQ, we’ve run quite a few multi-channel campaigns with great success. One dealership in particular, Al Willeford Chevrolet, gained tons of exposure and attracted lots of buyers with their very first multi-channel campaign; where in just 7 days, they collected 945 leads and sold 27 vehicles.

Learn about how your dealership can run its own multi-channel promotion and get the same great exposure.


On Wednesday, May 27th, 1 P.M. EST, PERQ’s own Client Success Director and automotive expert, Stephanie Thompson, will be hosting a free webinar that walks through the basics of planning and running a successful multi-channel promotion. The webinar will cover everything from goal setting to tracking results.


REGISTER HERE to reserve your spot now! Hope to see you there!

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