How A Sweepstakes Can Sweep Your Competition Under the Rug

By: Felicia Savage

Sweepstakes and giveaways consistently provide dealers with the opportunity to propel themselves past their competition. Aside from being a great way to incentive consumers who love games and contests, there are a number of other reasons why your dealership can achieve far better revenue, results and publicity than your competition. Here’s how running a sweepstakes can help sweep your competition under the rug.

Your Dealership Will Stand Out


Round Lake, IL resident, Stephen Nosek, learning he just won $25,000 from our FATWIN sweepstakes!

This might seem like a give in, but your dealership won’t just stand out because you’re “running a contest” and other dealerships aren’t. While any type of contest will make your dealership stand out, there are other sweepstakes attributes that will help your dealership to stand out far more than any other dealership.


Take our $25K promotion, for example: $25,000 is a lot of money to just giveaway to someone, yes? That would mean running a $25,000 giveaway is kind of a big deal. While many other dealerships are ONLY passing out $25 gift cards for test drives and hosting giveaways for prizes valued at $100 to $500, $25,000 is extremely significant. And when you throw in the fact that PERQ has a REAL winner every single quarter that makes coming into the dealership even more enticing.


Oh, yeah! And did we mention that if someone wins from your store, that means excellent social buzz and PR for your dealership? The last dealership we worked with managed to snag 3 media placements within his region!

Get Creative With Your Marketing

Just one of PERQ’s many advertising themes.


Like we mentioned in our previous $25K post, your dealership has the great opportunity to customize their marketing efforts to compliment their sweepstakes or giveaway. Yes, this is a great way for your dealership to stand out; but it provides even more opportunities for dealers to plan out their marketing strategy so that they have a success promotion. By choosing an appropriate theme, meticulously crafting the perfect message and determining what channels you want to leverage, your dealership stands a better chance of consumers showing interest in just the actual promotion. Even if a consumer doesn’t initially recognize your dealership, your promotion will be the hook that draws them into your store – and that’s where the relationships can begin to blossom.


More In-Store Customers = Stronger Relationships


So, you’ve decided to run a $25K sweepstakes with PERQ. Congratulations! You’ve made a wise choice! Now, in case you’re unaware, one of the stipulations for entering any $25K sweepstakes is that buyers must enter your dealership in-person. What does this mean for you? Why, it means that you can immediately develop a rapport with prospective customers. Excellent customer service can certainly exist over digital platforms, but there isn’t anything quite like speaking to someone face-to-face. Dealers can get a feel for the customer’s mannerisms and body language; therefore, giving dealers the ability to respond as efficiently as possible. And along with being able to field specific questions, dealers can ask their own questions in order to better understand the customer and build a relationship. Our FATWIN dashboard allows dealers to add comments to individuals within the consumer database.


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