Press Coverage: Video Interview with Russ Chandler – Most Viewed Exclusive Blog in April

By: Felicia Savage

PERQ’s own Russ Chandler was interviewed by the great folks at DrivingSales, to discuss his most popular blog post “What Are the Elements of the Great Automotive Shift?”

“Greetings DrivingSales community. We’d like to introduce a new element to the community and thank those who are contributing great content. Russ Chandler’s exclusive blog What Are the Elements of the Great Automotive Shift? received the most views in April and we wanted to follow up with Russ and give him the opportunity to go into more depth and discuss his blog.

Look for more video interviews on a monthly basis with community member who’s exclusive blogs are receiving the most views.

Congratulations, Russ! Thanks for sharing your insight!”

You can check out the original post here at