Press Coverage: There’s value in your own website, but is all the work and expense worth the ROI?1 min read

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Is the work and expense that comes with creating a unique website for your dealership worth the ROI? Our own Russ Chandler thinks so! CBT News’ Joe Gumm learns more of his thoughts on their daily newscast.


“There’s value in your own website, but is all the work and expense worth the ROI? Maybe you’re a dealership that would love to have a website as popular with customers as the independents, but right now…you just don’t see the value in creating your own website, maybe because of time and expense.
So then what do you do…especially if you want to heavily brand and highly personalize your site? Russ Chandler (Product Marketing Manager with PERQ) says to start the process…just start, whether it’s small or not.”

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