How PetSmart is Winning the Marketing Game

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As of late, we’ve been talking about cohesive marketing and how beneficial it can be to your overarching strategy. Still, you might be asking yourself: “what does a cohesive marketing campaign actually look like?” To give you a brief recap, cohesive marketing is essentially linking different media platforms (television, magazine, internet, etc.) into one seamless strategy.


Between these platforms, the message is completely consistent and has one goal in mind — and that’s to get you to make a purchase. Now, not all cohesive marketing campaigns look exactly the same. Sometimes companies like to pick and choose what “phases” they want to invest in most. If you’re looking for a company that effectively uses all or some of these cohesive marketing principals, look no further than PetSmart, whose direct mail, television commercials & social ads all coincide with one another. Often times, it’s on a personalized level.

First, They Get The Message Out

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 20 years (no offense to said rock dwellers), you know what PetSmart is and what they sell. They have TV commercials, YouTube ads, radio ads, etc. And from time to time, they run seasonal specials that coincide with a particular theme or holiday. These types of “spray and pray” ads aren’t necessarily meant to target anyone in particular (outside of pet owners). Instead, they’re meant to act as brand awareness — which is the most important part in this initial phase.


PetSmart will often times advertise specials in their commercials. While that might seem like enough, those announcements are often something to put in the back of people’s minds. Frankly, almost every pet store out there has those same types of products and deals. So, how does PetSmart further differentiate their brand from others? That’s covered in the next phase:

Next, They Pique Your Interest

So let’s say you’ve just seen a PetSmart commercial. You saw a cute lil dog doing something ridiculously adorable and you go “Oh yeah! My dog needs food to live, doesn’t it? Dogs like food!” After discovering that vital realization, you peel yourself off the couch and decide to go to PetSmart because you want Mr. Beefy to obtain proper nourishment. Job done, right? Commercial. Awareness/Need & Purchase, right? Not quite.


Y’see, even if you’ve decided to go to PetSmart, you’re only going there based on need — and likely because it’s in close proximity to your home. You, the consumer, haven’t been transitioned into a brand loyalist, or what I call, a “customer for life.” At a place like PetSmart, this is important because they often require consistent visitation to stay in business.


PetSmart gets tons of foot traffic to their store and their website everyday. Both online and offline, folks have the opportunity to get a PetPerks membership, which is a loyalty program that offers coupons, discounts and general information about PetSmart. With the membership, folks are now capable of getting discounts & cool rewards. Done deal then, right? Nope. This phase was only the beginning!

Lastly, They Provide Offers You Want

The beauty of the PetPerks program is that after PetSmart has taken your information (Name, address, pet info, favorite brands) and tracked a few recent purchases, they start supplying offers for things you actually want. For example, you might start receiving a direct mail coupons for a specific brand of dog food that you’ve been purchasing. Or you might start receiving emails stating that your brand of food is currently on-sale.


As you keep making these purchases on and offline, you’ll keep getting consistent, catered messaging. Often these specific offers and updates will also coincide with other seasonal offers like “Free Shipping for the Holidays” or “Get a free item with each purchase.”


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