How PERQ Leverages Interactive Content

By: Felicia Savage

As you’re likely aware, interactive content is content that requires consumers to actively engage with your brand in order to receive specific information or achieve a desired result. In return, brands are often able to attain quality information from the consumer themselves.

Here at PERQ, our marketing strategies have evolved significantly over the years; going from primarily offering direct mail solutions to offering a number of different advertising options. While we’ve rarely directly associated our offerings as “interactive content,” it’s actually something that we’ve embraced for quite some time. Leveraging our PERQ technology, we’ve continually added highly interactive elements to many of our campaigns and promotions.


Here’s a brief overview of how our process has evolved and how our promotions have become more interactive and advanced:

Dimensional Pieces


Before fully embracing some of the cool online games and puzzles we now offer, one thing we liked to do (and still do) was place dimensional pieces on some of our direct mail. For those who are unaware, dimensional pieces are small, physical objects that can be placed on direct mail for the purpose of engaging with a consumer. For example: if a consumer receives a piece of direct mail with a lockbox or scratch-off sticker. If the numbers match, then the consumer can take the mail piece to the dealership to claim their prize. If the numbers don’t match, they’ll likely be given another option like “visit our microsite to enter another time.” Our goal was to get consumers to engage with our consumer’s brand and that’s exactly what we did.

Spin the Wheel, Slot Machines & Memory Games


interactivecontentOur PERQ technology has allowed us to evolve our processes and really strut our stuff. Over the past 2 years, our brilliant teams of developers and designers have been churning out all sorts of interactive media to really help consumers better engage with our clients. Instead of having their customers fill out a form to enter a contest or sweepstakes, some of our clients opt for more playful options.


For example: after filling out their contact information, a customer might play a “Spin the Wheel” game; where they can play to win. And regardless of whether they win or lose, the customer gets immediate gratification (an immediate answer) and the dealer gets the information they need when the consumer fills out the form beforehand. In essence, it’s a win-win because the experience is fun and the dealer is basically rewarded for providing a great interactive experience.


Naturally, “Spin the Wheel” isn’t the only type of interactive content PERQ offers. We also offer Vegas style Slot Machine games. And coming soon, we’ll be offering a memory game that offers a prize for customers with a stealthy eye; as well as contests that leverage user-generated content like videos or photos (Ex: Tell us how much you love our brand in a 60 second video).


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