PERQ Through the Eyes of an Intern

By: Felicia Savage

Felipe JaramilloAs I was given the normal “first-day-as-an-intern” tour of the office, I quickly realized normal is not a word I would use to describe the office. In actuality, PERQ—the people, culture, office space and business model—lacked normalcy. I mean this in the best possible sense. For starters, the physical office is anything but normal; PERQ’s office is complete with a Ping-Pong table, immense collaborative spaces, a fully functioning gym (I am not talking about a couple treadmills) and an inviting atmosphere that seems to breathe competitive greatness: one of PERQ’s pillars of company culture.

PERQ’s Culture

At the heart of PERQ is a company culture focused on winning, something that was emphasized throughout my first day. Winning, in PERQ’s eyes means winning for the customers, for PERQ’s team and for the community at large. PERQ, on top of being financially transparent, manages to use competition as a positive driving force through PERQ’s carefully planned incentives for the businesses they partner with, the participating customers and PERQ’s team. If executed correctly, everyone wins under PERQ’s model. For example, employee bonuses are tied to overall, bi-annual goals PERQ sets for entire teams, ensuring there is a sense of team-work and accountability.


PERQ’s Company Model

As far as the company model, PERQ’s unique utilization of marketing technologies, including advertising, contests and games and a technology platform that tracks advertising through every step, assures companies interact with the customers with the most potential to buy. Possible customers are incentivized to participate in the sweepstakes and contest because of the real prizes they offer ($3.6 Million in prizes given to date). Participating companies consequently have a new generation of leads that are interested because of the potential prizes.



PERQ office

While my first day as an intern was busy, PERQ employees were incredibly helpful and seem to have a smile on their face. After all, when working with a company that sells success (success in lead generation, potential customer interactions and a successful company culture) with a technological platform to track it all, it makes sense for employees to be happy.


The Power of Attraction

PERQ’s tagline: “The Power of Attraction” applies to this company in a number of ways; not only does it refer to attracting buyers with incentives but it also refers to the power of attraction and collaboration that a group of self-confident individuals working toward mutual success encourages. At PERQ, success is incentivized, institutionalized, and embraced with a company culture that has these concepts at its core.


I have one piece of friendly parting advice: just because the only K-Cups left are “Spicy Eggnog flavored” doesn’t mean you should try them. Classic intern move.