3 Reasons Your Paper Needs Advertising Partnerships More Than Ever

4 min read

It isn’t easy being a newspaper today. As tides shift, many papers around the nation struggle to express the value of their audiences to advertisers, causing their pocketbooks to take a serious hit. Despite this, newspapers still have significant influence within their communities. So how can they express this more effectively to advertisers in a way that can demonstrate value?


Here at PERQ, we’ve found that advertising partnerships go a long way in helping newspapers flex their muscles and show their value to businesses in their community.


Let’s look at an industry that we know well, the automotive industry. Auto dealer advertising with newspapers has declined by more than 30% since 2003. Meanwhile, overall dealer advertising spend has increased by 35% since 2009. This means that the ad spend is there, but dealers don’t believe that newspapers are providing the value they need to make the investment.


So what is it about advertising partnerships that make them so helpful for newspapers in particular? For us, it boils down to industry expertise, technology solutions, and access to new markets.

Industry Expertise

Every buying cycle is different, and while that may not have had a huge impact on ad sales 20 years ago, it means everything in the age of the Internet. With so many options for their advertising, your clients are constantly looking for ad placement that can deliver. No longer can you sell ads based on circulation alone. Today’s ad buyer demands more information.


By teaming up with an advertising partner with a robust amount of expertise in relevant industries, you’re guaranteeing that you know how to express your value to potential advertisers. We can tell you, for example, exactly what the GM of an auto dealership is thinking when he’s looking to buy ads, arming you with more information than ever before.

Technology Solutions

The world is moving online and your paper is no exception. Your paper has likely been offering banner ads to advertisers for awhile, but if you’re not actively looking for ways to add more value than exposure, you could lose these advertisers to any other website.


Look for advertising partners that have strengths in collecting additional data and generating leads for your clients. This value will prove indispensable to clients who focus on retargeting, email marketing, or who have long sales cycles.

Access to New Markets

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know, and your advertising partner should know a lot of people. If you’re doing your job in vetting an ad partner, they should help provide access and insights into markets that may have gone dormant for your paper, leading to more revenue.


If your paper is looking to expand your base of automotive clients or is simply looking to revive auto clients who haven’t run in awhile, PERQ could be able to help. With over a decade of experience in automotive marketing, we’re always looking for ways to help you add more value to your automotive clients.