Multi-Channel Promotions

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Results at a Glance



The Problem


While Al Willeford Chevrolet had maintained highly respectable success over the years with PERQ’s direct mail and promotions services, they wanted to further increase the number of appointments scheduled and sell even more vehicles. Now, in order for them to achieve this lofty goal, they would have to reach new audiences with a cohesive branding & messaging strategy that consistently made them top-of-mind to those consumers. So, how did Al Willeford Chevrolet manage to do that?


The Solution


In an attempt to broaden their reach within their local market area, Al Willeford Chevrolet decided to run their first multi-channel promotion — which means they used multiple marketing channels instead of just one. For this particular campaign, Al Willeford leveraged direct mail with our text-to-enter option, targeted display on Facebook as well as elements of our design package, such as banner ads, that they used on their website and on 3rd party sites like All ads aimed to motivate consumers to engage with Al Willeford’s FATWIN™ microsite or to visit the dealership directly.


Investing slightly over $23,000, Al Willeford Chevrolet sent out 30,000 pieces of direct mail, and managed to reach a whopping 45,085 consumers (within their region) through targeted display. And with the help of FATWIN, Al Willeford captured buyer profiles on all leads and tracked the performance of each advertising channel. But all the icing on the cake, of course, was the utilization of Conversion Boost – a service that allows PERQ’s BDC professionals to follow up with captured leads and hopefully schedule an appointment.


The Result


Al Willeford Chevrolet’s multi-channel marketing campaign ran for 7 days straight and was a huge success! Between 12/09/14 – 12/15/14, Al Willeford Chevrolet collected a total of 945 leads, 254 campaign UPs and sold 27 vehicles; resulting in $707, 378 in revenue – all within the 7 days! The inclusion of PERQ’s Conversion Boost service also helped Al Willeford Chevrolet increase the number of scheduled appointments from an average of 14.5 per sale to 112 during this sale. That’s a 670% increase!


The following 45 days after the initial campaign, Al Willeford Chevrolet sold 40 additional vehicles, which resulted in $1,047,967 of additional revenue. When all was said and done, this campaign helped the dealership sell a total of 67 cars and generate a total of $1,755,345 in revenue!


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“The multi-channel campaign that we ran with PERQ provided us with registrants and ups that we would have missed out on if we hadn’t tried targeted display and email with our normal direct mail. It was refreshing to see leads being captured from sources like our website and Facebook! For example, out of the 945 campaign registrants, over half were from targeted display on Facebook.” Dale Conaway, Sales Manager

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