Be the MVP (Most Valuable Printer) This Spring – And Win $1,000!

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Magazine Spread ExampleAs Spring rolls around, parents everywhere are getting ready to drive their kids to practice and games. Whether their children are playing soccer, softball, tennis or track, parents want something to remember the season. That’s why we’re cutting prices on sports-themed multi-page magazines this March. And as a bonus, we’re giving away $1,000 to be donated to a local school for every 16 multi-pagers that we send to press!

Here are a few ideas we hope you’re able to bring to life for your local school’s teams this Spring:

Pre-Season Team Profile

Every parent wants something to commemorate the new season, and a pre-season team profile could be the perfect memento. Teams could have a full page profile on each player, featuring their photo, stats from last season, and a bio. Not only does this make for a fun keepsake for the parents, but the players will feel like All-Stars as they are interviewed for their full page spread.

Game Program

Every kid wants to be a big-time ball player, regardless of the sport. Make them feel like the real deal by printing game programs for each game. You could feature rosters, statistics, player bios, and advertisements. If you want to get the kids involved, you could sell “player endorsements” for the local ice cream shop or candy store. Your sponsors would love it and the kids would get to feel like real-life superstars.

Multi-Team League Guide

As we gear up for another Little League season, it can be hard to keep everything straight. Your kid’s league has 12 teams that play on three different fields over the course of three time slots and if you have more than one player’s games to go to – it can be impossible to keep track of their schedules.

Perhaps your local Little League could use a multi-team guide for each league, featuring rosters, team photos, and schedules so that every parent can keep things straight.

We’re excited for Spring sports to kick off and we hope you are, too! As I mentioned above, we’ve even added a bonus for the March promotion – Super 16! For every 16 spring sports multi-pagers that we send to press in March, we will give $1,000 to one printer to donate to a local school.  For more information on our Spring sports multi-page magazines and how you can win $1,000, click here!

March Newspaper Promo from PERQ on Vimeo.