Marketing Tech Year In Review: Scott Dorsey at Connections 2013

By: Felicia Savage

et12014 is fast approaching, and as it does, we want to take a look back at some of the highlights in the marketing tech world from 2013. Today, we look in our hometown of Indianapolis at the Connections Conference, put on by ExactTarget.

This year, at Connections 2013 digital marketing conference, the first keynote speaker was Scott DorseyExactTarget CEO and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Scott chose to kick things off by talking about how digital marketing has been changing and how it will continue to change in the future. The three main points that Scott made covered cloud computing, social networking, and mobile computing. Overall, though, Scott discussed the importance of data. Marketers use data from the Internet to connect the online world with the offline one, sewing both together into one seamless reality.

The Move to the Cloud

Scott discussed the move to cloud computing to get things started. The products that people are buying and using are connected through the cloud to that customer’s data and information in some way.

Social Networking

Scott pointed to sites like Twitter and Instagram to show that customers use these sites for many different reasons. He discussed how businesses need to connect with their customers in order to appeal to what they want or need.

Mobile Computing

Scott referred to smart phones as the “dashboard to our lives” and how our smartphones are connecting us to everything that we do. He discusses how there are no lines between what we do online and offline and that everything has been pulled together and unified. Scott points to data as to why this is possible. Without the data that marketers are using to target their customers, this would probably not be possible.

Connected Experience

Scott mentioned several different companies that are developing products that are connected to both the online world and the offline world, including Sony, Burberry, Nike, and Royal Bank of Canada. While Scott was excited by these products, his message was more about how all of this connects to digital marketers. Scott said, “Every company will have to be a software company.” Every company will have to use data to reach out to their customers in order to sell their products.

What Marketers Need to Know

The world is changing, and much of it has already changed. Everything that a customer does is linked to everything else they do. This makes their data very important. If you can harness and control that data, you can come up with the customized experience that your customers want.

You can watch the video of his presentation here!